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   Chapter 527 Is My Wife Coming Back

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The truth was that Debbie had planned everything well in advance. The first step of her plan was to consolidate her position as Carlos' legal wife. That was why she had co-operated with him to register their marriage and had deliberately showed their marriage licenses to the reporters. Then, they held their grand wedding ceremony in a high-profile manner, and she showed off their love in public and online sites every now and then. Because of this, everyone knew that Carlos was deeply in love with his wife. Thus, even after Debbie went missing from the scene, no women dared to take advantage of her absence to try and hit on Carlos.

One month passed, then two...

As time slowly went by, the situation began to change. Three months later, word began to spread that Carlos was seen with another woman.

After that one rumor, more sprung up and spread quickly. Some people even assumed that Carlos and Debbie were already divorced, but were keeping it a secret for the sake of their children.

Debbie had heard from Dixon that Miranda had personally dealt with a woman who had dared to get into Carlos' car.

This was the story. One day, Miranda happened to notice a pair of high heels in Carlos' car—the one he always drove to work. But the heels were neither her size, nor Debbie's.

Miranda remained silent and didn't ask Carlos anything about it.

The next day, she stalked him and saw a woman take those heels from his car.

After the woman had left, Miranda angrily got out of her car and went to confront her son. When Carlos saw her approaching, he asked in a calm tone, "Mom, why are you here?"

Looking at the woman's receding figure, Miranda interrogated, "Did you give those heels as a gift to that woman?"

Carlos shook his head. "No. The night before, we had a business dinner. She had temporarily changed into another pair of shoes and had left those in my car."

"Oh…Is that so?" she said in a drawl, sounding sarcastic. Confused, Carlos looked at her and asked, "What's the problem?"

She smirked. "Nothing. I just wanted to remind you that you're a married man. Please keep your boundaries with other women."

Carlos was left speechless.

What a good mother-in-law she was to Debbie! Debbie was not around, so Miranda was keeping a close eye on him for her. Sighing, he reassured her, "Mom, please rest assured, and assure Debbie as well. I have no interest in any

y were itching to seize the chance to hit on him, but knowing that Mrs. Huo was the sister of the new CEO of Nian Group, they didn't dare to.

In the middle of the party, Decker walked to Carlos' side and said in a mysterious voice, "Carlos, I have a surprise for you later."

Carlos raised his eyebrows in expectation. "Is my wife coming back?"

The smug smile on Decker's face instantly vanished. "Bingo! Why did you guess it so easily? That is so boring," he complained.

Just as he finished his words, there was a commotion at the entrance. A woman, clad in a red evening dress and black crystal high heels, emerged from the crowd. She attracted everyone's attention, including Carlos'.

"Wow! Isn't that Mrs. Huo?"

"Yes, I think so! I haven't seen her show up in public for a long time!"

"Look, she's wearing a halter dress tonight. She looks so hot!"

Under the crowd's fervent discussions, Debbie, who had become even more beautiful now, slowly walked towards the person standing at the other end of the red carpet.

Everyone knew who she was walking to, so they moved to either side to make way for her.

Debbie had easily spotted the dashing man the moment she had entered the hall.

When she was about two meters away from him, Carlos shifted his goblet of wine to his right hand and reached out his left hand to her.

Debbie smiled broadly and picked up her pace, with a spring in her step. She took his hand and put her other hand on his waist. "Honey, I'm back," she said sweetly.

Carlos looked at her affectionately and asked, "Honey, did you have a good time?"

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