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   Chapter 526 I'm on Holiday

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Debbie pulled a long face when she heard his answer. "Humph! That's so unfair!" Meanwhile, she felt like a fool. Why didn't she think of Carlos' private plane? She wouldn't have had to endure such a long and tiring trip if she had come to the Gobi Desert in his private plane!

Carlos chuckled under his breath. He coaxed, "Don't be upset. We'll fly back home together."

Debbie pursed her lips, her cheeks bulging up in anger. But she could do nothing else about it anyway.

Finally, they made up for lost time in a hotel near the Gobi Desert. Debbie would never forget that night. Carlos was hungrier than ever in bed. She had initially planned to do some sightseeing, but from the moment he showed up, she was too exhausted to do anything but sleep. On the third day of her trip, when she rode a camel, she found her legs trembling terribly due to the strain of the previous night.

She couldn't help wondering if Carlos deliberately did it to punish her. But each time she complained to him, he would shook his head innocently. "No, I didn't mean to. I swear!"

Debbie had no choice but to drop it.

On the fifth day of their stay on the Gobi Desert, Debbie eyed the man up and down. He looked as fresh and clean as usual. She asked gloomily, "Don't you think life is hard out here?"

Carlos kissed her cheek and then answered sincerely, "No. Wherever you are, that's home. I feel so much better with you."

"But what about the company?"

He kissed her again. "What about it? I'm on holiday."

He answered each of her questions perfectly.

On the seventh day, they ended their trip and boarded Carlos' private plane. They flew back home in relative luxury. It did save a lot of time traveling in a private plane.

Evelyn was playing with her little sister at the manor. When she saw her parents come back home, she excitedly darted towards them and called out, "Daddy, Mommy!"

Debbie planted a kiss on Evelyn's cheek and said lovingly, "Baby, Mommy missed you so much!"

"Mommy, I missed you, too!" Evelyn stuck her head out and looked at her father. Stretching out her arms to him, she added, "I missed Daddy more."

Carlos grinned from ear to ear, and scooped her up in his arms.

Debbie unhappily watched the father and daughter talk and laugh amongst themselves. 'Forget it. I have Terilynn, my little baby, ' she comforted herself, and went to see her baby gi

We want to hear new songs. Please!"

A fan commented, "Mrs. Huo, it's been two years and three months and four days since your last album. Your fans are running out of patience. How about a comeback this month?"

Another fan commented, "Maybe you can make it up to us with more pics of Mr. Huo."

"Or the pictures of your two princesses! I want the two little girls to melt my heart!" commented a crazy fan of Debbie's.

Meanwhile, a ton of private messages came flooding into Debbie's new account. Bowing to pressure from her fans, Debbie had no choice but to secretly snap a few pictures of Carlos working in his Western suit. She selected nine of them and posted them on her Weibo page. She wrote, "Look at our husband, girls. He's too busy to pose. Always working! This is candid camera!"

Her post went viral. Like there was any doubt it would.

Judging by the comment section, a lot of young girls were excited. "Debbie is a queen!" they wrote. "She refers to Mr. Huo as 'our husband!' Debbie, I love you. I'll be your fan forever!"

"Does that mean I'm 'Mrs. Huo' too?" some fans teased.

For a time, life was relatively normal. When everybody around them thought that they would just live happily ever after, Debbie seized a chance to secretly escape again, leaving her husband and two daughters behind.

Her plan was quite successful this time. This was longer than her previous attempts, and her whereabouts were well-hidden, which almost drove Carlos crazy. He had sent men to the far corners of the earth, but to no avail. He couldn't find his beloved wife anywhere.

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