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   Chapter 525 Gobi Desert

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7674

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Women were attracted to a great guy like Curtis. So Carlos knew just how to get back at him.

Curtis was stunned for a moment. He tried desperately to recall what happened. One of his female colleagues fell sick that night and he drove her to the hospital. Was that a month ago? He barely remembered. As he pondered this, his phone rang. Obviously, his wife.

He got nervous even though he was completely innocent. Just like Ivan, Curtis hurried outside as he picked up the phone. Everyone knew that Carlos could easily stir up trouble for them, no matter how good they were. Carlos knew exactly what to say.

Seeing how Carlos dealt with Ivan and Curtis, Damon got frightened. He leaped up from the bed and excused himself. "Oh, crap! I forget to pick up some formula for my son. I should get going now!"

Wesley reminded him icily, "Your son's off formula. He has been for awhile."

Damon nodded, embarrassed, "Yeah, I mean, um, my daughter."

The other men all fell silent. They watched Damon rush out of Carlos' bedroom.

Jared was always afraid of Carlos. And now, even more. He'd been quite the playboy before settling down. If Carlos mentioned any one of his ex-girlfriends to Sasha, she wouldn't go easy on him. So Jared jumped out of bed. When he got to the door, he shouted, "Damon! Wait for me! Can I get a lift?" He zoomed out of the bedroom and caught up to his brother.

Now, only the single men were left in Carlos' bedroom.

Kinsley had a fiancee, but she never made any bones about the women around him. Let Carlos call.

Carlos stared at him with a mysterious smile. "Kinsley."

His smile gave Kinsley goose bumps. He responded, "What?"

"Five years you remember your brother's wife? Do you remember flirting with her? They weren't married then. You even tried to split them up, told her that he was in love with another woman..."

"Stop!" Kinsley widened his eyes in panic. How would Carlos know about this?

It was just a misunderstanding. But if Yates heard about it, he'd go apeshit. Might even break his legs! "Okay, I get it. I'm gone!"

The bigshot star turned on his heels and left as quickly as he could.

Niles trembled with fear as he saw his friends leave one by one. But what could Carlos do? He had no girlfriend, no wife. What d

king it off. So we didn't really make your bed dirty."

Carlos snorted, "Is this Niles' idea?"


"Huh! You can stop now. Ask the housemaids to come up and change the bedding!" Even if Niles showered all day, Carlos still would think he was dirty.

He stood up from his chair and pushed it back, sighing heavily. Tonight was supposed to be his happy wedding night, but his wife wasn't here. He felt quite alone.

When Decker walked to the doorway, he turned around and blurted out, "She's in the Gobi Desert."

When Carlos finally found Debbie, she was riding a camel in the desert, singing loudly. She wore a hat and sunglasses, but he'd recognize that long, red scarf anywhere. He secured his bandana and goggles, and snuck up behind her. He grabbed the handle on the saddle and climbed onboard as well. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and said, "Hey honey, I found you."

Breathing in his familiar scent, Debbie was stunned for a while. 'Much better than the musk of the camel, ' she thought. Coming back to her senses, she tilted her head and looked at the man behind her. "I just got on this thing. How did you find me so quickly?"

To get to the Gobi Desert, it took her 16 hours on a plane, then a couple hours' ride on a high-speed train, and then a slow-going bus.

However, she had just now gotten on a camel and magically, Carlos was here too. How could it be possible?

"I came straight here in my private plane," he said with a smile. Of course, that would save him a lot of time.

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