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   Chapter 524 Where Is My Wife

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Carlos felt disgusted when he heard the person's voice, because the person in his bed wasn't Debbie, and wasn't even a woman. It was a man wearing a long wig!

In a split second, he broke free from the man's embrace and violently pushed him back onto the bed. "Ouch! Hey, take it easy!" Niles protested, his face contorted in pain. Carlos had pushed him so forcefully that Niles slipped off the bed and fell onto the floor.

Luckily the floor was covered with a carpet, so it was mostly his pride that was bruised.

With a dark face, Carlos stared down at the groaning surgeon and asked, "Where is my wife?"

Niles pointed at the curtain. Behind it, he could vaguely see a figure hiding there. Wasting no time, Carlos strode towards the window and ripped the curtain aside. Again, a person dashed out and jumped into Carlos' arms, saying, "Happy wedding to you, honey!"

Carlos spat out curse words at the man hugging him. Without warning, he gut punched him. Kinsley whined in pain and loosened his embrace at once. He held his stomach, unable to utter another word, gasping for breath.

Carlos asked a second time, "Where is my wife?"

Lifting a trembling finger, Kinsley weakly pointed to the walk-in closet. Carlos was getting irate. He had been hugged by two men now, and wasn't in the mood for a third. He slowly moved towards the closet.

However, before he could get there, a person sprung up from behind the dressing table and did the same thing as the others. Carlos tried not to be too violent. He was afraid he would hurt the real Debbie. Now once again, he had to be hugged by another man and hear him say, "Happy wedding to you, honey!"

Carlos shut his eyes in anger. Without opening them, he grabbed hold of the man's arm and was about to throw him outside. It was Xavier. He knew what was going on, listening behind the dressing table. When Carlos grabbed for his arm, he quickly sidestepped the angry man's attack.

Just in a few minutes' time, Carlos had been called "honey" by three men. He looked like a volcano on the verge of erupting. If he could, he would throw these three men into sea right now.

Niles was dressed in a nightgown. He tore the wig from his head and threw it on the floor. Then, he climbed onto the bed again and lay in the middle. Xavier lay next to him, while Kinsley sat on the edge of the bed, fumbling in his pocket for a cigarette.

Three men were on his bed. Carlos,

ed evilly.

Dixon said, "Your wife..."

Jared filled in the sentence, "—isn't here. She's not even in the house."

'Debbie isn't at the manor?' Carlos frowned in worry.

Ivan looked at his wristwatch and said, "I think your wife is..."

Wesley smiled mysteriously, "She's..."

Niles made a face and laughed. "It's a secret. We won't tell you!"

Carlos was boiling with anger. Now he knew what was going on. His friends were teasing him. They had deliberately gotten him drunk at the wedding party. And now they all crammed into his bedroom, ruining his sweet moment with his bride.

'Fine, you guys have a death wish!' Carlos pulled a chair over and sat down in it. "Okay, since my wife isn't here, I have more time to get even!"

The nine men exchanged glances with each other. They had a bad feeling about this.

Carlos pulled out his cellphone. He was going to start with all the married men here. It was too easy. A phone call to the wife was enough. First up was Ivan. He texted Tristan and got Kasie's phone number. Then he called her. "Mrs. Kasie Wen, I think you should know something. There's a hot, young model your husband talks to after work. I see them standing outside talking and laughing. Okay, goodbye."

Ivan was shocked by what he had heard. In a few seconds, his phone rang. Everyone looked at him with sympathy in their eyes as he hastily stepped out to answer the call.

The next target was Curtis. Carlos called Colleen. "Aunt Colleen, it's me. Did Uncle Curtis come back late one night? Remember that, about a month ago? He looked pretty guilty to me. I'd ask him about it."

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