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   Chapter 523 Congratulations, Mrs. Gu

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The wedding venue was decorated in dominant colors of pink and white. It was like a fairy tale wedding; there was a pumpkin carriage and different sizes of shining crystal high heels, pink roses, pianos and other ornaments scattered around the hall. In the center of the stage was a ten-tiered wedding cake. Romantic music played in the background. The overall decoration looked absolutely luxurious and high-end.

A well-known MC walked onto the stage to announce the start of the ceremony. Soon, the two black doors that were three-meter high slowly opened up.

The spotlight was shone onto the doorway. Under the soft romantic melody, the bride, dressed in her magnificent wedding gown, slowly walked into the hall, holding a bouquet of pink and white roses in her hands; a long wedding train trailed behind her as she walked along the red carpet.

Everyone's attention was drawn to her.

Debbie, the day's heroine, wore a graceful smile and elegantly walked towards the dashing man on the other end of the red carpet.

Behind her were the two flower children—Sean and Evelyn.

Evelyn looked at the setting around her, wide-eyed. This was all really amazing and special because she was attending her own parents' wedding.

Sebastian walked Debbie down the aisle and gave her away to Carlos.

The wedding ring Debbie wore that day was the diamond ring which Carlos had given her a few years ago. The one that was almost the size of a pigeon egg! Carlos wanted to buy her a new ring, but Debbie refused. She insisted that she already had enough rings. On top of it all, this diamond ring carried a lot of good memories and reminded her of Carlos' love for her.

In the end, Carlos gave in and didn't insist further.

The wedding ceremony went smoothly. As a traditional rule, the couple bowed respectfully to the elders of the two families and served them tea. The family members gave them their blessings.

The grand ceremony went on for an hour, and it finally came to an end when the couple kissed affectionately, accompanied by a huge round of applause from the guests.

After the ceremony, the guests moved out of the hall. Carlos had arranged a few other programs to entertain their distinguished guests.

They marched over to the seashore to watch the marine life show.

There were dolphins, whales, and other marine life in the show, but they were not trained like those in an aquarium. They were attracted towards the island and they did what they usually did in the sea freely. It was the most natural show, with no harm caused to the animals. Everyone enjoyed it with brig

as long as there was no harm done to his wife. So after toasting to them, he moved on to the next table and continued socializing with the other guests.

The night grew deeper. Back at the manor, Carlos climbed the staircase a bit unsteadily because he had drunk too much. He stood in the corridor on the second floor. His beloved woman was in the bedroom at the other end of the corridor.

It was their wedding night.

Leaning against the wall of the corridor and looking in the direction of their bedroom, Carlos couldn't help smiling.

He smiled goofily, his face glowing with happiness.

Taking a deep breath, he continued staggering towards their room. When he reached the door, he slowly pushed it open. Only the bed lamp was on inside the room. Under the dim light, he saw a figure lying in the big connubial bed. The bedding set was red in color, with dragon and phoenix patterns, according to the wedding custom of the country.

But... Something didn't feel right.

Although he was a little drunk, Carlos was always an alert man. He sensed that there were more than two people inside this room, other than himself. He felt around the wall for the light switch and turned all the lights on.

In an instant, the bedroom was filled with the bright lights.

He vigilantly looked around, but found nothing suspicious.

With his guard on, he strode towards the bed. A woman with long hair was lying in one side of the bed. Half of her face was buried under the thin quilt and her eyes were covered under her long hair. Carlos couldn't see her face clearly.

He stretched out his arm and pulled the quilt away. In an instant, the person sat up, jumped into Carlos' arms and yelled, "Honey, happy wedding to you!"

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