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   Chapter 522 You Look So Beautiful

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"Okay, the wedding gown is decided." Carlos smiled broadly. The CEO had been smiling a lot these days, probably because he was the groom-to-be and the happy father of two kids.

After that, Debbie picked out a few more dresses for their wedding photo shoot. Carlos proposed to go on a trip to take the wedding pictures, but Debbie decided against it. She was worried about her little baby, Terilynn. She suggested, "The sets in the studio look real and grand. Let's just take our wedding photos here."

Carlos didn't expect that she would turn down his idea. She liked traveling a lot. But anyway, he followed her idea and nodded, "Okay."

The preparations for their wedding were going on in an orderly and smooth manner. Before the car accident, Carlos had selected a six-star hotel as the venue to hold their wedding ceremony. But he changed the venue this time.

Their wedding was to be held on the desert island where they had stayed for a day after surviving from the shipwreck. Carlos had been developing that island since a year ago. The construction was almost done. It was a completely different place now, not the earlier deserted island anymore. They built a grand wedding hall there and a village with numerous houses for people to live in.

The day Debbie posted their wedding pictures, the Internet fell into utter chaos once again. It was such a hot topic that the Weibo app, along with some other social networking sites, crashed because too many netizens were clicking and commenting on the post at the same time. Unfortunately for the programmers of those apps, their National Day holiday was cut short because of that.

The couple received a ton of blessings from all kinds of people. Celebrities from different fields reposted their wedding photos and blessed them. Their wedding was the topic of conversation in every corner of the world.

The betrothal gifts that Carlos had given to Debbie's family included the Shining International Plaza, 900 million dollars and a few other real estates.

Ramona was greatly taken aback when she came to know about Carlos' gifts, so was Debbie. He did very much love her. It wasn't auspicious to turn down betrothal gifts, so Ramona opted to accept them for the moment. She decided to find a better time to talk about it and try to return some of them to him.

They had a rehearsal ceremony on the day before the wedding ceremony. It was only then that Debbie finally found out that the wedding venue

d a girlfriend." Then he left without looking back at them.

Ramona quietly watched the brother and sister banter. She smiled amiably. Such a warm scene had never crossed her mind in the past. Happiness filled her heart.

Carlos came to pick up his bride in a helicopter, with six other helicopters of the same model flying in tow. On the city road, dozens of red limos drove along in a long row. When the helicopters touched down outside the villa, the limos also reached the gate, and parked in an orderly line.

The spectacle was utterly indescribable. The photographers and reporters who had been following the whole wedding gala were all excited to the hilt.

As the brother, Decker needed to piggyback the bride out. The four bridesmaids in their pink dresses and the four groomsmen in their black suits stood at either side of the first helicopter.

The bridesmaids were Kasie, Kristina and two other pop singers who were friends with Debbie.

And the groomsmen were Kinsley, Xavier, Niles, and Wesley, who had come back from abroad for the wedding.

Carlos escorted Debbie into the first helicopter. The bridesmaids and groomsmen boarded the other six helicopters. With the rumbling sound of the engines, the helicopters rose up into the sky and flew to the island.

When they arrived at the venue, Debbie saw the sea of guests who had already assembled. Besides their relatives, there were also big shots from business or political circles. Gregory, Hayden and Emmett's parents were also invited.

Surprisingly, even Valerie, who was now living out her days in a Buddhist temple, was also brought to the island by Carlos.

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