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   Chapter 521 A Dreamy Wedding Gown

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8015

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The customized wedding gown was pure white with brilliant diamonds scattered along the sweetheart neckline. The long satin trail had been delicately embroidered with patterns of jasmine. The flower that Debbie loved the most.

The gown was fit for a princess, and the dreamy, romantic style was what many girls would dream of wearing on their wedding day.

As Debbie slowly approached the gown, she was already mesmerized by it. She then quickened her pace and reached out, touching it gently.

The beauty and elegance of the gown took her breath away, but for Debbie, it wasn't just about the wedding gown. Ever since Debbie was twenty-one, she had dreamed of marrying Carlos in such a gown.

Now, she was nearly twenty-seven, and her dream had finally come true.

"Try it on?" Carlos' tender voice rang from behind her all of a sudden, interrupting her train of thoughts.

She trailed her fingers lightly across the sparkling diamonds. "Is the dress..." 'Rented or bought? Or customized?' she wondered.

Carlos read her mind. He wrapped his arm around her waist and nuzzled her neck while whispering in her ear, "My wife deserves the best things in the world. How is it possible for me to buy you anything ordinary? Let alone if it's a wedding dress for you. I hired a famous design team one year ago. They have spent a whole year designing and tailoring it, especially for you. The dress had just arrived here from abroad."

Debbie was touched, and her eyes brimmed with tears. 'So he began to prepare our wedding a year ago?'

He then turned her to face him and gazed into her teary eyes. "You know, before the car accident, I had begun to select the wedding venue. I was preparing everything, but our lives had changed abruptly. So our wedding had been postponed up until now. Honey, I'm sorry that I made you suffer a lot. I won't let that happen again, and I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to you."

She saw the deep affection in his eyes, and her tears threatened to gush out at any moment. Debbie quickly raised her head to hold them back, but it was too late. Her tears streamed down her cheeks like a river. Carlos didn't expect that his words would make her so emotional.

Hastily, he pulled out a handkerchief and dabbed away her tears. "Honey, don't cry. It should be a happy thing to try on a wedding dress, right?"

He was right. Debbie quickly wiped aw

to his heart.

Carlos had to swallow hard, suppressing his desire, and nodded, "Yes, you look amazing." Carlos was in a dream, his wife was the most attractive woman in the world.

Debbie was happy to hear his praise.

"Wow! Debbie! You look so beautiful!" Kinsley knew that she had put the dress on, so he came out from the designer office and wanted to have a look.

Suddenly, Carlos jumped to his feet, grabbed Kinsley by his arm, and dragged him out of the room. "Hey, hey. What's up? Carlos Huo, what're you doing?" the idol yelled.

Carlos didn't let go of him until they reached the designer office. He warned coldly, "Only I can appreciate my wife's beauty!"

"What? Your wife will show up at the wedding ceremony with a lot of guests around. Do you forget that?"

Carlos tidied his clothes and said calmly, "This moment, it's for my eyes only."

Kinsley rolled his eyes at him. "Okay, okay. Have it your way. I'll pick out a gown for my girlfriend too. You're not the only one who has a wife. Humph!"

"So off you go!" Without giving him a second glance, Carlos returned to where Debbie was.

She was looking around curiously for him. When he came back, she asked, "Where did you take Kinsley?"

"The designer needed him," Carlos lied.

However, Debbie believed what he said. Then, she lifted the hem of her dress and commented, "It fits me perfectly. I don't think we need to change anything now. What do you think?"

He stood in front of her. "Honey, it's up to you. As long as you feel comfortable with it."

"I feel comfortable. The fabric feels wonderful."

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