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   Chapter 520 Debbie Found Out

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Debbie raised her head and found Carlos standing at the door. When she noticed the thermos meal box in his hand, she grimaced. "Come on. Soup again?"

She had been eating soup every day for the last week. Three times a day. The soup wasn't the only food she had to eat. To nourish her, Miranda had been cooking all kinds of dishes for her every day. Debbie always ended up overeating after each meal.

Initially, the cook had prepared the soup for Debbie, but in time she came to dislike the taste of it. So Carlos had decided to make the soup himself.

Evelyn had been eating the soup for a week as well, and the little girl had gained some weight.

Carlos walked inside the room and put the meal box on the table. Bending over, he took the baby from Evelyn and made her comfortable in his arm. Then he scooped Evelyn up with his other arm. "Isn't she prettier than before?" he asked Evelyn.

Evelyn nodded absent-mindedly with her eyes fixed on the thermos meal box. "Daddy, is that soup?" She couldn't help swallowing. She loved the soup her daddy cooked.

The eager look on her face amused Carlos. He put her down and Terilynn back in the cradle. "Yes. I'll ladle some for you."

"Mmm...great." Evelyn ran happily towards the bathroom to wash her hands. When she was done, she sat nicely at the table.

Debbie finished a bowl of soup miserably. No sooner had she put the bowl down than Ramona came in with a meal box. "Deb, I brought you snacks. Mango-flavored and durian-flavored. I brought some for Evelyn too."

"Thank you, Grandma," said Evelyn sweetly.

Debbie's eyes lit up when she heard there were snacks. She was happy to eat anything but soup.

Carlos knew that she was sick of eating soup. Stroking her hair, he said, "This is medicinal soup. It's good for your health. Hang in there. Only half a month to go." Debbie had lost a lot of blood during the childbirth, so she needed nourishment for her body.

The delicious durian layered cake was too much of a distraction. Busy relishing it, Debbie nodded at whatever Carlos had

some size S clothes.

Carlos had been very busy lately, and he came home late or at times didn't come home at all.

Debbie became suspicious, but having Carlos followed would sound out of line. So she had a better idea—threatening Dixon. "Mr. Huo has been secretly preparing for your wedding. He wants to hold your wedding ceremony on the same day as Terilynn's 100th-day celebration feast. He wanted to surprise you, but now it's ruined," he confessed.

Debbie felt terrible about ruining Carlos' plan, but she was also excited about their wedding.

"Mrs. Huo knows everything," Dixon told Carlos as soon as he returned to the office.

Carlos furrowed his brows and threw him a sideways glance. After a moment of wondering, he asked, "How did she threaten you?"

Recalling what Debbie had said, Dixon felt that he had made a mistake in making friends with Debbie. "She said that if I didn't tell her the truth, she would tell you that she and I had schemed together against you to get your wealth. I know you would choose to believe her over me, and even if I didn't do anything like that, you would make it look like I did.

So I had no choice but to tell her."

Now that Debbie found out, Carlos decided not to keep it from her anymore.

That afternoon, he dropped what he was doing, canceled all the arrangements, and took Debbie to a bridal studio.

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