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   Chapter 519 Mineral Water

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Debbie noticed Carlos' move at once. "Stop right there!" she warned. "Since you like beautiful women, why not sleep with her? She's beautiful. Since you're a clean freak, I've checked for you. She's as clean as a whistle."

Carlos soothed her, "I don't like any other woman. I only love you. Honey, I don't fear that you won't remember me. Even if you had amnesia, I'd find a way for you to fall in love with me again just as you did with me. The medicine will harm you and our baby. That's what I'm afraid of."

His remarks were full of genuine concern. He loved her. He really loved her from the bottom of his heart. That was why no matter what she did or how unreasonable she was, he cared about her all the same.

Debbie had always loved Carlos, but now, she loved him even more.

She knew that Tess wasn't the flirtatious type. The girl danced for a living. That was all. She never seduced Carlos. So Debbie wouldn't harm her. She was only using the poor unfortunate girl to teach Carlos a lesson.

"Sleep with her!" Debbie demanded again.

"I won't!" Carlos declared.

"You have to!" Debbie was about to fail to maintain her charade.


There were tears in her eyes. Happy tears. "Are you sure you're not going to sleep with her? This is a golden opportunity you might never have again."

"Even if it were the end of the world, even if there was a blade held at my throat, I would never cheat on you. You're the only woman that I'll ever love in this life, in the next life, and forever and ever."

Carlos' expression was the same as he had when he held the press conference to declare his love for Debbie to the world. Tears flowed down Debbie's cheeks.

She tossed the syringe into the bin and ran toward Carlos, throwing herself into his arms. "Honey, I love you so much," she sobbed into his shoulder.

Carlos was relieved when he saw her throw the syringe away. He spread his arms wide and caught her. "I love you too, babe. Don't cry," he said, holding her tightly to him and gently caressing her hair.

"I was only testing y

Carlos was lost for words.

A week later, Evelyn stood by the cradle, looking at her sister with wide eyes.

The baby was indeed much more beautiful now, just as her daddy had said.

"Mommy, she's smiling!" The baby girl's eyes were like two crescent moons when she smiled. Evelyn found her lovely.

Leaning against the headboard, Debbie looked at her baby girl lovingly. "Yes, she's smiling at you. Evelyn, would you like to hold her?"

Evelyn asked, excited, "Can I?"

She had never held a baby before.

"Of course you can." Debbie picked Terilynn Huo up and looked encouragingly at Evelyn.

With her mommy's help, Evelyn held her baby sister for the first time. Although the baby was so small, she was a little heavy for Evelyn, but Evelyn proudly held her little sister in her arms.

Terilynn Huo was babbling while Evelyn held her. "Mommy, what's she saying?" Evelyn wondered.

"She's saying that you're great." Debbie smiled, feeling blessed while gazing at her two beautiful daughters.

Evelyn was delighted to hear that.

When Carlos walked into the ward with the soup he had made, he happened to see Evelyn holding her sister and Debbie squatting down with her hands supporting the baby.

'How fortunate I am to have these three lovely women in my life!' Carlos thought to himself.

"Daddy!" Evelyn called out cheerfully when she saw him.

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