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   Chapter 517 Carlos Will Be All Yours

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The pregnant woman looked familiar to Reeve, but he couldn't place her. Hearing what Debbie had said, he bragged in a flattering tone, "Of course. I have booked the hottest girls they have here for Mr. Huo."

Debbie feigned an excited expression and said to Carlos, "Whoa! Mr. Huo, you're gonna get lucky today. I think that girl is the most beautiful among them. What do you think?"

Carlos replied helplessly, "I don't find any of them attractive."

Debbie retorted, "Oh, don't be ridiculous. You're just being high maintenance. They have beautiful faces and perfect figures. Look at me. My face is swollen. I'm big as a tub. I can't even see my feet." She let out a frustrated sigh.

Reeve couldn't hold back his curiosity anymore. "Who are you? Why are you here?"

His stupidity became insufferable to Frankie. Frankie was about to tell him who she was when Debbie gave him a look to stop him. She said to Reeve with a smile, "I'm a business partner of Mr. Huo's. We've just signed a contract involving a few hundred million. To sweeten the deal, I even gave him two princesses."

'What business are they doing? Two princesses? What's that about?' Reeve was bewildered.

Carlos understood what she meant.

He had transferred the titles to his properties to Debbie, and their two daughters were the two princesses.

He took Debbie's hand, intending to say something, but Debbie brushed his hand away and continued to say to Reeve, "Mr. Huo said he liked that woman. Can he take her with him?"

Reeve was thrilled. "Of course! We especially demanded Tess' presence for Mr. Huo." It was because they had heard that Tess looked like Mrs. Huo.

'Wait a minute! This pregnant woman looks like Tess.'

Before Reeve could give it more thought, Debbie interrupted him, laughing, "How thoughtful of you to do that! But I heard that Mr. Huo is married. Aren't you worried that his wife would get upset?"

Reeve continued to kiss up to Carlos with a chuckle. "A man needs more than one woman, especially a successful man like Mr. Huo. Only

los. He even escorted them to the car.

As soon as they were inside the car, Carlos asked Frankie to get rid of Reeve.

Realizing that Carlos had angered Debbie, Frankie knew his boss was in big trouble, so he focused on driving the car and reminded himself to speak as little as possible.

"Frankie, go to a nearby hotel," Debbie remarked. Every time she spoke, the other three people got nervous.

Frankie glimpsed at Carlos. Since his boss wasn't saying anything, he nodded and responded, "Yes, Mrs. Huo."

After sending some messages on her phone, Debbie started talking with Tess. "How long have you been working there?"

Unlike before, Debbie sounded cordial now. Tess would have felt much more at ease, had Debbie spoken to her like that in the first place. However, given what had happened in the restaurant and the uncertainty of what was going on, she was still scared of her. She wondered why Debbie had insisted on taking her with them. "Two months," she answered timidly.

"Don't be afraid. I'll treat you well in the future. I love traveling. After my baby is born, I'll travel around a lot, and Carlos will be all yours."

The others were dumbstruck.

"N-N-No. Mrs. Huo, you misunderstand," Tess explained in a hurry. Her eyes were red and teary again.

Carlos had to say something. He turned around and said, "Honey, cut it out."

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