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   Chapter 516 Are You Enjoying It

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7394

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When Carlos heard those words from her, he would be willing to give his own life to Debbie, let alone his real estate.

His immediate reply had somehow made her feel guilty. "Maybe we should wait. I'm not in a hurry."

Carlos nodded and placed some food in her bowl. "Let's have dinner first. Honey, try some of this."

That night, after Debbie had fallen asleep. Carlos called Dixon. The head of secretaries brought a stack of files with him when he came to Carlos' manor, along with some lawyers.

When Miranda came downstairs to drink some water, she saw Xavier. He was just about to leave. "Xavier," she called out in confusion.

"Oh, good evening, Miranda," Xavier greeted her respectfully.

"Why are you here at this late hour? Is something wrong?" Miranda queried.

Xavier shook his head, smiling. "It's nothing to worry about. Carlos is just spoiling his wife."

Miranda was even more perplexed.

Xavier knew that Miranda wouldn't be able to sleep wondering what was going on, so he cleared his throat and explained in a low voice, "You told Debbie to teach Carlos a lesson, right? Well, she's taken action. But Carlos has figured out what she's doing. Even so, he's still willing to give her whatever she wants without any objections."

"Oh, I see. Is she making big moves?" Miranda asked.

Xavier contemplated for a moment and replied, "Not really." However, Xavier didn't tell her that her son just transferred the titles to all his assets to Debbie.

"Okay. Let her," mumbled Miranda. Feeling relieved, she went up the stairs holding a glass of water.

Xavier was surprised by her reaction. He had thought that Miranda would complain about Debbie. He smiled as he watched her climb the stairs, and said, "Debbie Nian is a very lucky woman. She married a man who loves her dearly and spoils her, and has you as her mother-in-law."

Miranda heard what he had said, but didn't turn around. She glanced at a painting on the wall and remembered when Carlos had bought that painting at an auction for six million dollars, just to make Debbie happy. While gazing at the painting, Miranda said, "Debbie has had a rough life. Her own family was torn apart when she was only a little g

e watched her dance.

He had lost her once. Fortunately, he had found her again, and she would be his forever.

The memory brought a smile to his lips.

"Mr. Huo, are you enjoying the show?" came a familiar voice.

Carlos' heart skipped a beat. The dancers were still wriggling their bodies in front of him. 'Crap!' he thought in a fluster.

Carlos stood up and took Debbie in his arms. "Not at all. I only enjoy it when you dance," he said.

"Really? But you smiled. Clearly, you were enjoying it," Debbie argued.

Carlos smiled and explained, "The dance reminded me of you. Four years ago, you danced at the Solar New Year Gala, remember?"

"Humph!" she scoffed.

Frankie gave Reeve Quan a wink to remind him to dismiss the dancers. The general manager had been too indulgent in watching the dancers to even notice when Debbie came in. Ignoring Frankie's hint, he didn't dismiss the dancers. Instead, he leaned in, trying to get a glimpse of the woman in Carlos' arms. However, he didn't manage to.

He then started to cause trouble by saying suggestive things. "Mr. Huo, do you like this dance? Look at the lead dancer. Isn't she beautiful? Why not make her your woman tonight? Haha..."

His obscene laughter and provocation made Carlos' face darken. He tightened his embrace around Debbie and said, "Don't listen to him."

She pried his arms off, clapped her hands and exclaimed, "Mr. Quan, they're stunning. Even I can't take my eyes off them."

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