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   Chapter 515 I’m Interested In Your Immovables

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7283

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Carlos tossed the quilt aside. "Didn't the doctor say that if I'm careful enough, we can still have sex?"

Carlos won that one because Debbie had been there when the doctor said that. "But—"

"No buts." The overbearing Carlos was back. "No excuses. No explanations. I want you. Only you. Now."

When Debbie was six months pregnant, the doctor told them the sex of the baby. It was a girl.

Carlos was on top of the world and overjoyed at the news.

Seeing him so happy, Debbie had an idea. That evening, before going to bed, she told Carlos, "Old man, I need to buy some things for your youngest daughter. Give me some money." Carlos had always been generous with her. She had more money than she could spend.

"Sure." Carlos gave her two bank cards.

Debbie looked at the cards and asked, "How much is on them?"

"A few hundred million," he replied after thinking about it for a moment.

'This is only a fraction of Carlos' wealth. It's not enough, ' she thought.

Noticing that she was quiet, he asked, "Not enough?"

Debbie shook her head.

Carlos then grabbed his wallet. He pulled out a credit card for himself, and then handed his wallet over to Debbie. That way she had all the other bank cards that he owned.

Debbie smiled and kissed his wallet happily.

That night Carlos went to sleep with his arms wrapped around Debbie, while Debbie had her arms wrapped around Carlos' wallet.

When Debbie was around eight months pregnant, one day, Carlos returned from a business trip. As soon as he walked into his office, Dixon came to him and said hesitantly, "Mr. Huo..."

Carlos threw him a glance. "What?"

Debbie's threat ran through Dixon's mind. He lost his nerve and changed his mind about telling Carlos. "Er, nothing. Mrs. Huo said that she'd like to have dinner with you tonight."

Carlos had only to look at Dixon to know that something was up. Debbie must have done something. "The baby is due very soon, so Debbie has been cranky lately. If she wants to do something, let her. If she throws a tantrum, humor her," Carlos said. Even he could do nothing about it whenever she was in a bad mood.

As soon as Carlos found out that Debb

e you want?"

The personnel redeployment among the top executives was sudden and unexpected. It appeared that Debbie was being unreasonable, but she had actually considered everything carefully. She wouldn't sabotage the company's functioning.

"Yes, there is." Debbie didn't play coy at all. "I'm interested in your real estate properties. Can you transfer the titles to them to me? I want to see what it feels like to be rich."

Carlos smiled. 'So this is what she really wants.'

Carlos didn't reply immediately, and Debbie became a little worried, so she urged, "You said you would give me anything."

"I wasn't lying. Relax, honey. I'll put Dixon on it." With that, he picked his phone up again and was about to call Dixon.

Debbie put her hand on his to stop him and smiled. "Honey, I've already prepared everything that is needed. You just have to sign the paperwork."

Carlos held her hand and asked seriously, "No problem. Just answer one question for me."

"Sure. What is it?" Debbie was flustered. 'Has he figured out why I'm doing it?'

Of course, Carlos knew. "Are you trying to elope with another man and take all my money?"

"Gee! Of course not!" Debbie said, feeling irritated. She pulled her hand out of his grip and bellowed, "Listen up, you moron! I love YOU! There is no other man!"

That was all Carlos needed to hear. He nodded and said tenderly, "Don't be mad, honey. Call Dixon. I'll sign those papers now."

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