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   Chapter 514 White Jade

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Damon glared at Jared.

Curtis chuckled, "Debbie, take it. Damon will need your husband's help in the future."

And that was when Debbie realized that they were being nice to her because of Carlos.

Since they were urging her to take the gift, she decided to accept it. She took the sandalwood box and said, "Thank you, Damon. We're good."

Damon grinned, "Open it."

Worried that she might be tired from standing too long, Carlos put his hands on her shoulder gently, indicating she should sit down. Slowly, she opened the red sandalwood box, revealing a piece of jade inside. It was fine, glossy, and flawless.

Debbie took the stone from the box. It was the size of an adult's thumb. She thought it looked familiar, but she wasn't sure. "Is this White Jade?" she asked.

An image was carved into the White Jade—a Buddha holding a lifelike lotus.

Rubbing his chin as he nodded, Damon explained, "It's the best kind of jade. In ancient times, only emperors and generals and ministers could wear them. But this is not just any White Jade. It's a historic treasure from the Song Dynasty, during Tiansheng's reign."

'Tiansheng! That means this thing's nearly a thousand years old. It's priceless!'

Debbie gaped in shock.

Curtis had seen the item before Damon gave it to Debbie. He thought about it for a moment and stated, "In Buddhism, the blooming of the blue lotus flower stands for enlightenment. If a Buddhist follower acquires the wisdom and realm of the blue lotus flower, they find Buddha. The lotus flower starts out in the murk, but it rises and blooms above it, so it stands for purification. The mud is suffering. The Buddha is born into a world of suffering, but isn't bothered by it. And let's not forget rebirth. The flower also means that. After a person dies, they are reborn in another body."

It sounded like the meaning of the lotus flower was profound.

Debbie closed the box and handed it back to Damon. "This is too much. I can't tak

ake me happy...pick a guest room and sleep there tonight."

To prove that he was unyielding, he clutched his pillow and walked out of the bedroom.

Debbie remained calm. She stroked her swollen belly and whispered to it, "Baby, let's make a bet. I give him five minutes. What do you think?"

Then she took out her phone and loaded up Speed QQ. She had been racing on one particular circuit for awhile and had yet to beat it.

Four minutes later, the door to the bedroom creaked, and Carlos walked over to the bed.

He was in his bathrobe, and he looked down at Debbie, wrapped in a thin quilt. "Honey, I couldn't sleep without you."

Debbie let him back into the bed. Then she pulled the belt of his robe...

And as the two sides of the robe parted, she could see he was wearing the briefs underneath.

She giggled, "Even in this girly pair of briefs, you're so damn hot!"

The horny Carlos couldn't take it anymore. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately.

As he advanced, she pushed him away. "We can't do this. Won't it hurt the baby?"

It was such an effort to control himself. He was sweating profusely. What? She was stopping him now? "What does it care? It's just a dot."

Debbie winked at him. "It's been more than four months. The doctor says the baby is fully formed."

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