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   Chapter 513 You Are Suffocating Me

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7301

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Carlos put on disposable gloves and began to eat chicken feet, just like Debbie.

'The aloof CEO is eating chicken feet!' Debbie's laughter was so loud that even the housemaids on the first floor could hear her.

'As long as I listen to her, she'll be happy. All I want to see is her beautiful smile, ' Carlos thought.

As a result, he catered to her every whim and was very obedient to her during her pregnancy. She knew that he was a loving, devoted husband who was anxious to please her. So she took advantage of the situation and tried all kinds of methods to make fun of him.

One evening, Carlos didn't know why Debbie was mad at him again. She insisted on kicking him out of their bed.

Standing beside the bed, he asked innocently, "Honey, what did I do wrong? Please don't be mad at me. I swear I won't do it again."

"Humph! You're breathing so hard that I won't have any air to breathe. You're suffocating me. Go away!" With that, she threw a pillow at him.

Carlos caught the pillow in his hands and looked at her, not knowing how to respond. If he didn't catch the pillow and it fell to the floor, Debbie would have another excuse to scold him. "Honey, do you want me to stop breathing?"

Debbie blinked her round eyes and said, "Of course not! You go and sleep in the guest room."

"But if I go sleep in the guest room, who'll accompany you to the bathroom at night?" he reasoned and put the pillow on the sofa.

She thought for a moment and realized that his words did make sense. "All right. Honey, let's sleep now."

"Thank you, honey." Carlos climbed back into the bed obediently.

When Damon heard that Carlos and Debbie had remarried, he decided to do something to ask for her forgiveness.

One day, he invited the couple out to have dinner with him, saying that he wanted to apologize to her.

He even bought an expensive antique on the black market to appease her.

Damon knew that as long as Debbie was happy, Carlos was happy. So what he needed to do was fawn over her.

No matter how expensive the gift was, he would buy it for her.

As for money... 'Money will come and go, '

he consoled himself in his mind while stroking the

id, "Honey, just sit down. You're pregnant."

Debbie patted his hand and said, "Hey, watch your manners."

"It's not my— Okay, okay. I'll watch my manners." He changed his tone immediately when he saw the glare in her eyes.

Damon was astounded when he saw how obedient the bossy CEO was with his wife. He looked at her sincerely, holding the box out to her in both his hands, and said, "Debbie, please accept this gift. From now on, I'll be siding with you."

Debbie glanced at the expensive red sandalwood box, and guessed that whatever was inside must be very expensive too. Without taking the gift, she said, "It's okay. Let bygones be bygones. I'm living a good life now. You didn't cause me any harm. You were fooled by them just as many others had been. Since you're Carlos' buddy, you don't need to be so formal with me either. You didn't need to buy me a gift."

When she didn't accept the gift, Damon felt awkward and became anxious. He placed the box into her hands and said, "You must take it. Thanks to your husband, I've made a lot of money. It can be said that I bought the gift with his money. So please, just take it and don't feel shy."

"But it's still your money. You earned it. Besides, you have two children now. It'll cost you a large sum of money to raise them," Debbie reasoned, about to give the box back to him.

"Tomboy, just take it. If you don't take it, he'll spend the money in another way," Jared chimed in.

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