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   Chapter 512 Pregnant Again

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On the fifteenth day of their trip, Debbie and Carlos were in the Sahara Desert. It was their second day there.

As she faced the boundless desert, she opened her arms and said cheerfully, "I've long been looking forward to coming here. My dream has finally come true. Honey, I feel so happy right now. I'm in the most beautiful place with my husband and child by my side. This is so wonderful."

'Husband and child?'

Carlos turned and looked around, but there was no sign of Evelyn.

"Did you ask someone to bring Evelyn here?" he asked in disbelief, his face sullen. He really disliked this place. The weather was bad, and the view was not beautiful. It was nothing but sand all around. He didn't understand why she liked it here.

Debbie gave him a mysterious smile. "Of course not."

After a few seconds of utter confusion, Carlos' eyes lit up. "You...are pregnant?" he stammered.

Debbie gave him a broad smile and nodded, "Yes!" They'd been looking forward to their second child for almost a year. And now, she was finally pregnant.

Carlos wanted to hug and kiss her right there, but then his face darkened. "Honey, I think I've been too nice to you. How dare you bring us here knowing that you are pregnant!" Saying that, he scooped her up in his arms.

Debbie cradled his neck and pouted her lips complaining, "If I had told you earlier, you wouldn't have allowed me to come here."

Carlos didn't know how to respond; she did have a point.

The next morning, Debbie saw Carlos' private plane in the garden of the hotel where they lived. That night, they arrived at their manor in Y City.

She looked at Carlos, who was now gently placing her into the bathtub with the utmost care, and grumbled, "We had just arrived in the Sahara Desert. I didn't even ride on a camel. Yet you brought me back. Such a pity!"

"You are only allowed to walk in and around the manor in the next nine months," he simply said.

"Okay," Debbie nodded obediently.

Carlos' face changed. "Honey, are you plotting something behind my back?" he asked. Ever since he had gotten his memory back, Debbie had been acting rather obediently, which made him quite uneasy.

Debbie flashed

The next evening, he asked the chef to cook chicken feet for his wife. He held the plate in his hand and walked upstairs. When he pushed the door open, Debbie was reading a book.

The aroma of the food instantly drew her attention. She put down the book and exclaimed, "Chicken feet! Are they spicy?"

"No! You can't eat spicy—"

She pulled a long face and snapped, "You did it on purpose. You know I like spicy food."

"You shouldn't eat spicy food when you're pregnant," Carlos explained patiently.

Debbie looked at the chicken feet, swallowed hard and pretended to be angry at him. "Carlos Huo! Go to the corner and reflect on your mistake!" she said, pointing to a corner of the room.

To her surprise, Carlos walked to the corner without saying a word in protest.

Debbie had no reason to make it difficult for him. After a while, she sighed and looked at Carlos, who was standing in the corner with his hands in his pockets. "Come here and eat with me," she said.

Carlos rubbed his temples and said, "Honey, you know I don't eat chicken feet."

She pointed to her belly and said, "Your daughter wants you to have them." At the beginning, Debbie would refer to the baby in her belly as "your son." But she soon realized that it wasn't having much effect on him, so she changed her approach and now referred to their baby as "your daughter."

And this worked magically. No matter how reluctant Carlos was, he would always give in.

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