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   Chapter 509 Watch The Show

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6916

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Another kidnapper, however, knelt down and tore off Debbie's high heels. He threw them away.

Before he could stand up, Debbie winked at her bodyguard. He immediately got her point, and they flew into action side by side.

She raised her leg and kicked the kidnapper in the jaw.

Caught off-guard, the kidnapper was sent flying backwards, and he let his gun go. It skidded across the floor.

The bodyguard kicked another thug's gun, and it flew away and landed about five meters away from them.

Now that they were both disarmed, it was a free-for-all. Who would get a gun first? Debbie rushed towards the nearest one.

She was a fast runner, so she got there first. The young mother kicked the weapon to the corner of a wall. Then she stomped on it at just the right angle, and the gun flew upwards. Before it landed on the floor again, she raised her leg and punted the piece.

Wyatt, on the other hand, was searching for Debbie and her bodyguard. He heard the sounds of fighting on the 16th floor, so he immediately contacted Carlos.

It was after 8 p.m., and most of the employees had already gone home. The 16th floor contained meeting rooms.

From the 13th floor to the 19th floor, the middle of the building was hollow, and the roof was on the 19th floor. The gun kicked by Debbie flew to the hollow part, and dropped onto the 13th floor.

The kidnapper was furious when he saw it. He raised his hand, about to slap Debbie in the face. But something stopped him. He had enough time to turn his head, only to have something hard strike him in the skull. It was the gun kicked by the bodyguard.

"Fuck! Assholes! I'll kill you!" The kidnapper continued cursing nonstop and picked up the gun from the floor.

He pointed it at the bodyguard and squeezed the trigger. The gun had a silencer, so the bullet quietly left the gun and sped toward Debbie's bodyguard.

Luckily, the bodyguard was quick enough to dodge. "Run, Mrs. Huo!" he yelled.

Debbie, however, didn't listen to him. She raised her leg and kicked the kidnapper in the knee. "Ouch!

ulled out his phone while he answered her. "Watching the show!"

Debbie rolled her eyes and shut her mouth.

Carlos dialed someone up and asked curtly, "Where are you? Well, move your butt! I'm a busy guy."

After about ten minutes, Debbie heard a roaring behind her, getting louder. A car squealed to a halt. The young singer saw a person in white rushing and pushing his way through the crowd.

When she finally got a good look, she recognized him—Niles.

He seemed to have rushed out in the middle of surgery, as he was wearing a surgical gown inside his white overcoat. He held a first-aid kit in his hand and stood before Carlos, panting. "Carlos Huo! You want punish James Huo... or me? I'll be no good to anyone if I'm exhausted. You ass!"

Carlos smiled cunningly and patted his shoulder. "You like a good show, right? Walk over there and wait for us," he instructed, as he pointed to a small hill near the ocean.

The only thing Niles could figure out was that Carlos was going to deal with James, but didn't know how. Although he hated being treated like this, he could do nothing. He did as he was bidden by Carlos.

Everything was ready.

Carlos called someone and ordered, "You can start now."

Debbie looked at the place where they held James. Two bodyguards escorted him to a car.

It was not an old car, but its windows had been busted out.

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