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   Chapter 508 Kidnapping

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After Carlos had a shower and climbed onto bed, Debbie couldn't hold back her curiosity anymore. She snuggled up to him and asked, "Old man, now that we're alone, you can tell me why you preferred a son to a daughter back then."

Carlos put his arm under her neck, pulled her closer to him and started to explain. "Back then, you were a rebellious teen. You drank a lot, played truant, and fought with others. I was afraid that if we had a daughter, she would be the same as you. It's not that I wouldn't love her. It's because I wouldn't know how to discipline her, whereas boys are different. If it was a son and he defied me, I could just beat him whenever he stirred up trouble."

In the end, Debbie gave birth to a daughter, and Carlos was right. He could do nothing to Evelyn.

Evelyn was like a queen, and he was like her slave. He would provide her with the best things that money could buy, and all of her heart's desires were granted.

"Carlos Huo! Are you saying that if we had a son, you would beat him as you wish?" Debbie asked, raising her voice. Now that she knew what Carlos would do to discipline their son, she felt relieved that they had a female child.

Carlos chuckled and whispered in her ear, "No, no, no. Of course, I'd be nice to our son. After all, beating him would break your heart."

Little did he know that what he just said would come back to haunt him in the future.

His warm breath made her ear itchy. She rubbed it and said, "I hope you'll keep your word."

"Of course."

Debbie adjusted her position to make herself comfortable, and then she realized that she was rather hungry. During supper, she had been preoccupied with why Carlos had preferred a son, and she had eaten very little pondering over it. 'I'll get fat if I eat something at this late hour, ' she thought. For the sake of maintaining her lovely figure, she decided to go to sleep. "Hey, I want to sleep. Tell me a bedtime story."

Her rumbling stomach made Carlos chuckle. "All right. I have an interesting story," he said with a cunning smile.


"Once upon a time, there was a young swordsman. He left his home, hoping to make a name for himself."

Debbie's stomach grumbled again, and she held her waist. The hunger pangs were torture.

Carlos raised an eyebrow mischievously and continued, "One day, he entered a restaurant and ordered braised beef, spicy diced chicken, sweet a

guard. "Want to live or die?" he asked in a cold voice.

The bodyguard's right hand was on his waist. He answered vigilantly, "We want to live."

"Throw your weapons out!"

The bodyguard hesitated for a moment, evaluating what options he had. Sensing that the masked man had the upper hand, he threw his gun and dagger out.

Debbie quickly opened her bag to show the man that there was nothing dangerous inside but some cosmetics.

The man gave a slight nod to the side, and then another several masked men suddenly appeared from nowhere. They reached out their arms and roughly dragged Debbie and her bodyguard out.

Both of them had guns pointed at them. Debbie and the bodyguard looked at each other, but there was no fear in their eyes.

Two men approached them and tied a rope around Debbie's upper body and then the bodyguard's. They were only able to walk without moving their arms.

Debbie's bag was thrown onto the floor, and her phone rang at that moment.

One of the men pulled her phone out and switched it off without looking at the screen.

Debbie counted five men in total, and two of them shoved her and the bodyguard forward. She walked as slowly as she could, trying to stall them.

The man behind her became impatient and yelled, "Fuck! Hurry up!"

Debbie lowered her head to look at her high heels and then blinked innocently at him. "I want to hurry up, but I'm in high heels. What if I sprain my ankle or stumble and fall? It'll hurt, and then I'll slow us down even more."

She said it so charmingly that the man's heart softened and he didn't say another word.

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