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   Chapter 505 You've Become A Bad Boy

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8837

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Dixon, who was single, didn't want to see the couple showing their affection for each other in front him, so he tried to send off his guests. "Tomboy you drank quite a lot tonight. Why not call it a night and sleep it off?"

Debbie showed him the half-empty glass in her hand. "I haven't even finished my glass of water yet. Why are you driving us away so soon? Aren't we welcome here? Or you don't want your boss here?"

The mischievous woman tried to cause trouble for her friend.

Unflappable, Dixon said with a smile. "You misunderstood me. I just didn't want to delay the romantic moment between you and Mr. Huo."

Carlos was satisfied with his reply while Debbie was quite annoyed. She clenched her teeth and spat, "You've become a bad boy now!"

While holding onto her waist, Carlos urged helplessly, "Stop kidding around. Let's go." If he didn't take her home now, she might end up spending the whole night talking with Dixon at his apartment. Carlos wouldn't let anything ruin his chance to have a sweet moment with his wife.

As soon as they left Dixon's apartment and settled in the car, Debbie instantly felt sleepy, because she couldn't play jokes on the boring man who was sending messages to the senior executives on WeChat.

She raised her head to look at Carlos and yawned. Then she lay in his arms and slowly closed her eyes.

Carlos had a wicked grin when he looked down at her sleeping in his arms. That was what he wanted. She was drunk and sleepy. It was the perfect opportunity for him to have sex with her.

His plan had worked. Debbie slept the whole way back to the manor. When she woke, she was lying naked in bed with Carlos passionately kissing every inch of her body.

In a hazy state, she still tried to warn Carlos who was already making love to her. "You...If you...dare to touch me, I'll...file charges against you...tomorrow. Hmm..."

Her voice trailed off. All her protesting words were replaced with moans of pleasure.

The next day when Debbie woke up, she immediately felt an ache between her legs, and she cursed Carlos under her breath again and again.

Naturally, Debbie wouldn't let Carlos get away with it. For the next two weeks, she didn't allow him to see her even once. She refused to answer his calls or reply to his messages. She would even secretly sneak back to the manor to see Evelyn without letting him know.

After two weeks of not seeing his beloved Debbie, Carlos went to his study in the dead of night. Feeling lonely, he lit a cigarette. He couldn't sleep. Whenever he closed his eyes, all that he could see in his mind was how sweet and hot Debbie was.

He des

u don't get out on your own, I'm afraid I need to carry you out on my shoulder again. Are you sure you want to go into the Civil Affairs Bureau that way?"

"Carlos Huo, you..." Her words were choked out by anger.

"I know, I know. You love me, right? Shush! Say it inside the bureau." He put his index finger on her lips to silence her.

Debbie was pissed. 'Who says I love you? What a narcissistic man, ' she thought, sulking.

Deep inside, she had imagined such a day. She knew Carlos would take a tough measure in the end, but she didn't expect that he would include the media.

She took a deep breath to compose herself. She had always wanted to remarry Carlos. Since there were so many reporters there, she didn't play the stubborn card again. Meekly, she followed him out of the car.

Now it was Carlos' turn to be shocked. He didn't expect that Debbie would cooperate so easily. Although he felt butterflies in his stomach, he held her hand and escorted her towards the gate.

From the moment they got out of the car, the sea of people surrounding the Civil Affairs Bureau had been exclaiming loudly, "Look, that's Mr. Huo and Debbie Nian!"

"Oh, Mr. Huo, Debbie, we love you couple!"

"We're your biggest fans!"

Debbie smiled gracefully at the flashing lights of the cameras, and drew closer to Carlos.

He held on to her waist, and they lovingly walked into the bureau.

As soon as they set foot in the hall, Debbie turned to him and said, "I think that's a little too high-key."

Carlos smiled and replied, "Yeah. That's my style of loving you. I need the whole world to know that I love you, Debbie."

She pursed her lips, pretending to be angry. It seemed that his EQ had improved quite a lot after he got his memory back.

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