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   Chapter 504 It's Good To Work For Mr. Huo

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Dixon poured out his heart to Debbie. He was so grateful. If he hadn't met her, then he'd never have come across Carlos, who recognized his talent and gave him the tools to change his life.

Debbie was stunned for a while. She didn't want him to feel too much pressure, so she said purposefully, "Don't say that. Carlos knows talent when he sees it. He's smart too, which is why he gave you the job. You're working hard to pay him back, right? But of course, if you still feel like you owe him, then..." She paused, looking at him mischievously.

"Then what?"

"Then you can give yourself to him. Bwhahaha..." She began guffawing.

Amused, Dixon also laughed out loud. He felt as if a heavy weight was being lifted off of his shoulders. He echoed her joke, "If I give myself to Mr. Huo, then won't you get jealous? Will you be his wife or his mistress?"

"I'm the wife—you're the mistress. Lucky you're a guy. If you were a woman, I'd be mad." Yes, if Dixon were an intelligent woman, sponsored to study abroad by Carlos, it would look like that Dixon was a mistress.

Dixon always felt helpless at the weird ideas in this old friend's mind. He shook his head and rebuked, "What's all that about? I wonder how Mr. Huo puts up with you."

"Hey, what do you mean? You mean I don't deserve him?" Debbie snapped, sounding angry.

Dixon sighed gloomily. What did he say? Why did she twist his words like that? But he didn't know what to do about it. "I didn't mean it that way. You're a lucky woman. He's the only one who can put you on a short leash."

His explanation only added fuel to the fire. Debbie wasn't happy, and besides, she had drunk too much wine tonight, so she began to make a fuss. Glaring at him, she confronted, "What did you say? A leash? Like an animal? A tigress?"

"And not like that either. But you do have a bad temper." Dixon didn't have to work tonight, and Carlos was quite far away, so he wasn't in any rush. He didn't mind throwing down and arguing with Debbie over stupid things.

"Bad temper? I think I've been remarkably tolerant of you trash talking me. I'm better than I was four years ago," she retorted and glared at him, unconvinced by his judgment.

Holding back his laughter, he provoked her calmly, "You're glaring

rious about what Dixon's apartment looked like. She wanted to go upstairs and have a look. This made Carlos jealous. But she got what she wanted. Holding her hand, he asked Dixon to guide them to his apartment.

ZL Group definitely took care of its employees. Dixon's unit was about eighty square meters, full equipped, with two bedrooms and a living area, more than enough for a single man. After taking a tour around his apartment, Debbie couldn't help but marvel, "Wow, this is some crib. It's so good to work for Mr. Huo." Yes, you could hardly find such a generous boss anywhere.

Dixon served two glasses of water for them. Nodding his head in agreement, he joked, "Yes, I agree. Mr. Huo treats the staff well. We're both his staff, Tomboy. Be a good singer, and return our boss's generousness."

"Oh! You just reminded me. I'm also working for Mr. Huo now," Debbie said seriously.

Carlos grinned. "You want a promotion?"

"A promotion? To what position?" she asked, confused. She stood in front of the window, looking over the city.

"The CEO's wife."

Debbie was left speechless. He spared no opportunity to talk about marriage. But she wouldn't give in so easily, so she answered stubbornly, "My career comes first."

Dixon carefully observed Carlos' face. Her blunt refusal didn't piss him off. Instead, he still kept gazing at her with tenderness in his eyes.

The old saying was right. Even a hero could be defeated by a beauty. The cold CEO had surrendered to the beautiful singer.

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