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   Chapter 503 Have You Let Go Of The Past

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Debbie didn't hide their plans from her friends. She said honestly, "Stephanie is James' biological daughter. He's evil, but he's a father. Carlos tortured her in front of James, so that his pain would be doubled as he watched his daughter suffer. Then, when he was on the brink of a mental meltdown, we began to torture him physically. We'll torture him bit by bit. After all that mental and physical punishment, we will trot out solid proof and lock him behind bars."

The four of them were stupefied. Jared had already put down his chopsticks. Debbie's narration about how Carlos had tortured Stephanie was far more interesting than the delicious food in front of him.

Kristina was the one who knew the least about everything that had happened. She asked in a weak voice, "Did Stephanie do something unforgivable? What did she do to you?"

Debbie lowered her voice because what she was about to say was absolutely confidential. "She made someone undergo plastic surgery to look like me and asked that person to kill Megan. She wanted to frame me for the murder. And at the seaside resort last time, Carlos and I were shipwrecked at sea. Stephanie was the one who had planned the accident. We were lucky to have survived it. Otherwise, I wouldn't be having dinner with you guys right now."

The four got goose bumps all over their bodies.

It sounded like some sort of horror story.

Kasie muttered, "I never expected Stephanie to be such a cruel woman. She had disguised herself so well. I actually thought that she was a nice person when we were at the seaside resort, except that she was aloof to the people there. It's true that you can't judge a book by its cover."

"Yes." Debbie was hungry now; her appetite had returned to normal. Taking a bite of a fish ball, she continued, "I thought that Stephanie and Megan were on good terms, but they weren't. Stephanie had even hired someone to rape Megan. Two men! Can you believe it? I'm not slandering her. I have proof to support all these claims."

They nodded, believing whatever Debbie said.

Debbie was pleased to see that her friends trusted her. "That's all we know so far. There must have been some other feuds between them, but only they know." She raised her head, and ran her eyes over them. "Hey! Remember that all this is confidential. Only Carlos, Frankie, Tristan and I know. And you guys. Don't let slip it to anyone else."

The four nodde

bitterly. Even back when he was in a relationship with Kristina, his mother had been sick. She had been depending solely on medication to stay alive. But Kristina knew nothing about this.

He'd done several part time jobs after school. Every month, when he got his salary, he would wire three-fourth of the money to his parents, and he used to live on the little money that was left.

When he began to go out with Kristina, most of the remaining money would be spent on her.

There was a time when he was too poor to even have his basic three meals a day. Carlos had given him a VIP card to the fifth floor of Alioth. Dixon had always secretly gone there to buy himself a bowl of noodles using that VIP card. On a few occasions, he would order a bowl of rice or a simple dish to keep himself a little fuller.

Gradually, he had become familiar with the managers of Alioth. They were kind people and sometimes would give him a free dish.

This was the first time Debbie had heard Dixon talk about his mom's health. She asked worriedly, "Is your mom's condition severe? You have a stable job now. You can take your mom to a better hospital in the city."

Dixon shook his head. "It's not that severe anymore. When I began my studies abroad, Mr. Huo had arranged for a doctor to send the necessary medicines to my parents' house every month. Even though Mr. Huo had lost his memories later, the doctor continued to send the medicines as usual. My mom's health is much better now. Tomboy..." He paused and pushed his glasses up. Then he continued in a sentimental tone, "I owe you and your husband too much."

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