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   Chapter 501 Mr. Huo's Woman

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Decker was angry, but at the same time, he felt amused. He witnessed Carlos' childish side with his own eyes, and that was something new to him.

Looking at the little girl who was quietly eating her food, he pointed at her with his chopsticks and asked, "Don't I treat you well? Why did you have to tell on me, to your daddy?" 'What if Carlos gets angry and decides not to give me the shares from the Lu Group and his talented employees? If so, then I'll have to strive for a few more years, ' he thought worriedly.

Evelyn widened her eyes and pursed her lips as she complained, "No, you don't. You wanted to throw me out." During the past few years, to hide his true identity and pretend to be a good-for-nothing creep, Decker had deliberately bullied and mistreated Evelyn. When Evelyn was about one year old, Decker used to snatch her toys away, fight against her for food, call her a bastard child, and even threatened to throw her out of the house. In her eyes, he was the evilest uncle that did a lot of terrible things to her.

However, now the tides had turned. Decker would never have expected that what he had done in the past would come back to haunt him one day. Now he was having a taste of his own medicine.

The consequence of offending Debbie, Carlos, and their child was to do all of the chores around the house. Decker found himself washing the dishes, cleaning the table and kitchen as well as other tedious jobs like that.

When the family requested fruit to be sliced up while they were watching TV, it was Decker's job to do it. Then he was expected to wash the plates afterward just like a homemaker would do.

He hated doing housework, more so, serving others. When the three of them went to bed, he was still up mopping the floor in the living room.

Finally, he was fed up and couldn't stand the degradation any longer. He tossed the mop angrily aside.

Who would imagine that a gang leader with more than a thousand subordinates was forced to act like a homemaker by Carlos? He couldn't tolerate it anymore. So without hesitation, he grabbed his coat and left the apartment. He didn't even bother to tell any of them that he was leaving.

According to the wedding custom of this country, the bride would return to her mother's home on the third day after the wedding. So on the day that Kasie came back to Y City, Debbie finally got the chance to invite her, Jared, and Dixon, out for a reunion dinner.

Since Debbie was a celebrity, they had booked a private room for discretion at a high-class hotpot restaurant. They didn't expect that they would run into another old friend there. It was as if fate had brought them all together again.

By the time Debbie arrived at the restaurant, Jared and Dixon were already sitting in the private room, wai

husband to you. This is Layne Hang."

Debbie and Dixon exchanged shocked glances, because Kristina's husband looked more than ten years older than her.

Kristina didn't mind their shocked expressions. She continued with the introductions. "Honey, this is my friend, Debbie Nian. She's the singer that I love the most. I told you about her before." The truth was, last time when Debbie held her first concert in Y City, Kristina had secretly bought a ticket to see the show. But she deliberately chose a seat that was at the back of the stadium, far away from the stage so she wasn't seen.

Kristina remembered the moment when Kasie had walked onto the stage and sang a song with Debbie. She had been sitting alone in her seat, but she hummed the tune along with them between tears and laughter.

Layne Hang and Debbie shook hands with each other politely. He was also in the business circles, so he had heard of Debbie. "I know her. She's Mr. Huo's woman," he commented.

Debbie smiled bashfully and asked, "You know Carlos?"

"Everyone in business knows of him. I had the honor of meeting him once," Layne Hang replied, emanating a charming aura from a mature businessman. Debbie wondered if that was the reason why Kristina had married him.

After Debbie and Layne Hang had exchanged some pleasantries, Kristina finally turned to look at Dixon, who was standing next to Debbie.

Even though Kristina avoided extended eye contact with him, she could sense the significant changes in Dixon. He looked outstanding. He had a confident, elegant, and distinguished vibe about him now. No longer was he the ordinary poor guy. He stood out in the crowd. She tried to compose herself and make her voice sound as calm as possible as she said, "Honey, this was the most excellent student in our class, Dixon Shu. Dixon, this is my husband, Layne Hang."

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