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   Chapter 498 What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8113

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Carlos' mockery angered Decker. If he could, he would find another man for Debbie. He believed that any other man would show him more respect than Carlos had.

Debbie tugged on Carlos' sleeve and reminded him. "My brother has a girlfriend."

"When did I..." Decker suddenly stopped mid-sentence recalling that he had once brought a woman with him when he went to see Debbie. "Oh, she's not my girlfriend. Just a cover," he explained.

Debbie rolled her eyes at him and scoffed, "This is my brother who has been lying to me."

Since he indeed had lied to her about many things, he promised, "I had no other choice, but I won't lie to you again." Decker used to think his identity as a gangster would put Debbie in danger. He didn't believe that he was powerful enough to protect her, and so he kept his real identity from her and even tried to drive her away for her safety. However, now that she was back with Carlos again, Decker knew that she was safe. He didn't need to pretend to be someone else in front of her anymore.

"Okay, tell me everything," Debbie said.

Decker reclined on the couch, lost deep in thought as though he was organizing what he was going to say. It took him a long while before he began.

Decker and Yates used to be enemies. Even so, Yates appreciated Decker's capabilities. Therefore, when he found out about Decker's relationship with Carlos, he had reconciled himself with him.

Decker used to build up his force overseas. Since Carlos was in Y City and he could help him a lot, it made more sense for Decker to move to Y City.

However, it was Elroy who had made Decker into what he was today.

Elroy had fostered Decker for a few years before he abandoned him as a boy and sent him to a children's welfare home. Whether Decker survived or died was of no concern to Elroy. He simply didn't care anymore.

Fortunately, Decker did survive. When he was just ten years old, his talent began to show. However, Elroy found out about it as well. The evil man decided to destroy the young boy at any cost.

That year, Decker had entered into a piano competition. While he was at the backstage, he happened to overhear someone warning the judges not to let him win.

Decker realized then that someone was gunning for him, but he didn't know who it was.

In junior high, Decker was one of the top students. Everyone expected him to get a scholarship and go on to an elite high schoo

Just like that, he turned and closed the door in her face.

As he thought about all of this, Decker looked at Debbie and decided to tell her how he had truly felt back then. "Debbie, remember the first time that we had met? Even though I closed the door on you, I noticed our resemblance. However, back then, I couldn't even protect myself, let alone you and a baby."

That was the reason why he refused to let her stay with him. However, Debbie was persistent. She kept coming back to her brother's place until he finally agreed to take her in.

Leaning on Carlos' shoulder, she stared at Decker with red, teary eyes when she thought about those days.

She considered herself lucky compared to Decker. At least her father had loved her when he was alive. After her father had passed away, she met Carlos. He held her dear to his heart, but Decker had no one to love and look after him.

Then Decker went on to explain how he got hurt last time. He had intended to take over Yates' turf in A Country, but Yates found out and hunted him down. One of Yates' men had stabbed him, and the reason why he could enter Champs Bay Apartments was that the guards all worked for him.

Decker had become a powerful man in Y City. He told Debbie and Carlos casually, "Next, I'll take over the Lu Group. Elroy wants to let his youngest son Gus run the company. He's grooming him for it, but I'm not going to let him get his wish."

Debbie frowned and was worried. She couldn't help but ask, "You're a stranger to the Lu Group. They might not even allow you in the building. How can you possibly take over the company?"

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