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   Chapter 497 Decker Comes Clean

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Just then, some other cars turned into the alley and screeched into a halt behind them. Debbie had to focus on dealing with the immediate threat. She didn't turn her head to see who the newcomers were.

As she was busy fighting, someone forcefully yanked her away from the battle and pushed her into the door of the car she had come in. Luckily, she was quick enough to steady herself. Otherwise she would have hit the car forcefully and been knocked to the ground.

This couldn't have been Carlos. He wouldn't have been so rough on her.

She looked up and saw that some new guys had joined the fight. The main guy wore a black coat. She recognized him immediately. It was Decker!

Before she could give this any more thought, another car tore into the alley. This time it was Carlos.

He was only wearing a white oxford. He must have been in too much of a hurry to get his suit, and raced here as soon as he got the driver's message. "Are you all right?" he asked Debbie anxiously, caressing her cheek. "Are you hurt?"

He was so tender and caring suddenly she wanted to be pampered by him. She held out her hands and said pitifully, "I knocked six men to the ground. Now my hands hurt."

Carlos took her hands in his own, kissing and rubbing them affectionately. "Let's get to a hospital. We'll have 'em X-rayed."

"Actually, I feel better, now that you're here," Debbie refused hastily. The pain was really not that bad.

Carlos' men joined the fight. After cracking some skulls, Decker turned to Carlos and Debbie, who were embracing. He shook his head resignedly.

'Come on! I'm busy fighting, and he's making out with my sister.'

After a while, Debbie surveyed the conflict and said to Carlos, "Maybe we should help him out." The alley was dark, and there were too many people in the chaos. She couldn't see her brother.

Carlos' gaze traveled over the crowd. After a few seconds, he nodded his head in Decker's direction and replied, "Don't worry. He can handle it."

Debbie followed Carlos' gaze and found Decker. He grabbed one man's hair and smashed his face into a bent knee, punched another in the throat, and knocked the wind out of yet another thug, planting a fist in his solar plexus. With every punk he took down, he got close

t her brother once and for all.

"If you lie to my wife, don't ever tell people I'm your brother-in-law," Carlos suddenly cut in.

Once, during a gang war, Yates managed to take Decker hostage. To save the lives of his men, not to mention his own, he told Yates that Carlos was his brother-in-law. Wouldn't you know it? Carlos' name worked like a charm. Yates let them go. After that, he dropped Carlos' name every time he was in trouble.

And Carlos lied for Decker every time someone expressed a bit of doubt. On top of that, Carlos would also tell whoever wanted to know that he had Decker's back, so they'd better respect him. Over time, Decker managed to work his way up. At first, it was grudging respect, and then it was true loyalty based on how much the man brought to the table. His men became fairly wealthy thanks to Decker's acumen. He became one of the most influential people in the underworld.

When he heard what Carlos said, his expression turned gloomy. He didn't have the heart to get angry at Debbie. But he was sure willing to mock Carlos. "You keep referring to Debbie as your wife, but last time I checked, you weren't married."

Debbie tried so hard to stifle her laughter she was actually trembling.

Carlos didn't get mad. He squeezed Debbie's hand and retorted, "At least I have a woman. You, on the other hand... But don't worry. She might not be born yet. Or is she still in school? Maybe you should hang out near a school. You'll find yourself a nice girl that way."

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