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   Chapter 496 Reward

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Carlos was hurt. 'I never said I didn't like it.' Debbie's career was booming. Sometimes, she was even busier than Carlos. He barely saw her at all. And it had been too long since she last cooked for him. Knowing that she was coming to see him, and bringing lunch, he dropped everything, putting off meetings and appointments, and was waiting for her in his office.

He heard noises outside, so he rushed to the door to whip it open. She was hugging someone else. His heart sank.

Although Debbie had said she was going to take the food to Dixon, she was sitting down. Carlos got up from his chair and sat beside her. Stroking her hair, he said, "Be a good girl. Don't get too close to that guy, or I'm moving him out of the city."

Debbie sensed his jealousy. "Hey, old man. Dixon and I are just buddies. You're the one I love. What are you jealous of?"

'The one she loves.' Carlos was touched by those words. He felt that this was a chance to convince Debbie to marry him. "So when are you going to marry the man you love?" Carlos couldn't wait anymore. If she turned him down again, he would do it his own way. One way or another, he'd get her to the Civil Affairs Bureau to sign that license.

Again, she said softly, "I need more time."

Carlos dropped it and continued to eat.

Debbie smiled and opened the latest issue of her favorite magazine. She flipped through it, looking for the comics liberally sprinkled throughout its pages.

Carlos devoured his lunch and brushed his teeth in the lounge.

When he sat down on the couch again, he dragged Debbie over and sat her on his lap. "Don't I get a reward?" he asked.

"What for?"

"I ate everything in the lunchbox. I think I deserve a reward. Even kids get a little sticker or something." He lowered his head on her belly to smell her scent.

She wore a casual coat, a white cashmere shirt, and jeans. In that outfit, she looked like a college student.

She had been turning him down when the lights were out. But if he wanted a reward... She pecked him on the chin.

Carlos wasn't satisfied. He looked at her. Her rosy lips in

"Wait! Didn't you know that I wasn't close to Eckerd? I'm his sister, but I haven't seen him in forever." That was true. Decker was secretive at best, and Debbie was too busy to waste energy or time on him.

"No biggie. Eckerd will come looking for you. We'll be waiting. And then, my saucy singer..." He left the threat unspoken, but a guttural laugh escaped his lips.

"Haha! She is hot!"


The punks leered at Debbie.

Debbie was disgusted. She glanced at them, stretched her limbs, and dropped into a fighting stance. "Think you can take me? Bring it!" she declared.

Her bodyguard used to be the principal of a martial arts school. He was a master of wing chun, having even been instructed in how to wield the traditional weapons of the art. He'd also learned the fundamentals of kickboxing, not to mention wrestling holds.

The sidekicks stepped back, allowing the henchmen to do their dirty work. They came at her, fists raised.

Debbie dodged the first few swings. Then she sidestepped one man's punch, used the energy of his punch against him, and threw him to the ground, using his momentum.

Seeing this, the middle-aged man took out his phone and said to someone on the other end of the line, "She knows tae kwon do. Send some black belts."

As soon as Debbie and her bodyguard took care of those bulky men, around six men with daggers rushed over at them.

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