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   Chapter 495 Take It To Dixon

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The entire Y City knew that the ZL Group was going through a period of crisis and was making major changes. The company had held not only a management meeting but also a shareholders meeting and a layoff conference.

Soon after the conferences, five elites who had just graduated from abroad were appointed to be the top executives of the group. Each of them was competent enough to be the CEO of a regional branch.

The arrival of new faces also meant that some of the old employees would be leaving.

Sure enough, eighteen high-ranking managers had been fired in one day. Thirteen of them were sued by the ZL Group's lawyers for embezzlement, taking bribes, cooking the books and other illegal activities.

Three of the five elites that came were appointed as CEOs of the regional branches. Another one became the deputy general manager of the headquarters. The fifth, though, seemed to hold the lowest position among them. He was Dixon. He was appointed as the head of Carlos' secretaries.

The dismissal of the CEOs in some of the regional branches showed that the ZL Group was full of elites and that the company was resolute to put things straight. Those drastic measures brought out the desired effect. Some senior executives that harbored ulterior motives were menaced.

With all the changes that had taken place in the company, Carlos had been swamped at work. Miranda had been taking care of Evelyn, and they became used to not seeing Carlos for a few days at a time.

Debbie stood in front of the office building of the ZL Group and looked up at the logo and smiled.

Four years ago she was still very green and knew nothing about even cooking, let alone other things. However, she was determined to please the most important man in this building, so she learned how to cook and brought the freshly cooked dishes here. Just like she did now, she stood in front of the building, gazed up at the logo and went inside.

Four years ago she and Carlos were strangers. Although now they had become soul mates, the closest a person could be to another.

Debbie's cooking used to be terrible. However, after much practice and determination, she now cooked delicious meals and became an excellent cook.

Carlos had been too busy to eat regularly. He once complained about having a stomachache to Mira

d you come over? Have you eaten?"

"Yes, I have eaten. I've got the day off today, but I have to go to a fashion show tonight." Debbie watched him eating, and subconsciously she was planning a reunion with Dixon, Jared, and Kasie in her mind.

"Okay," Carlos replied. He seemed to be enjoying the dishes and ate one wonton at a time.

After staring absently at him for a while, Debbie asked, "When did Dixon come back? He's much more handsome than before. He has the urban look about him and seems capable. What position does he hold now? How much will he make in a year? You'll pay him, right?"

Carlos gave her a sharp look. "Why do you care so much about Dixon?"

"He's one of my closest friends. We've been friends for many years. Of course, I care about him. You eat, and I'll go check on him." Debbie was itching to talk with Dixon.

Carlos abruptly put the chopsticks down and frowned.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"I've lost my appetite." He wiped his mouth with a tissue.

"You didn't like it?" she asked. 'That couldn't be the reason because my cooking is much better than before, ' she thought.

Carlos sighed sadly. "Instead of enjoying the moment with me, my wife has been thinking about another man all this time. How can I enjoy the food? Take it to Dixon."

Debbie rolled her eyes at him.

"Humph!" She wasn't going to humor his mood.

"Fine. As it happens, Dixon doesn't seem to have eaten. Since you haven't touched these dishes yet, I'll take them to him. You didn't seem to like them, anyway."

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