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   Chapter 494 Payback

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Ever since Debbie knew Carlos' memory had returned, she refused to have sex with him. When Debbie said, "He's my husband. We count on each other", Carlos was greatly comforted by her words.

"Pfft! Your husband? You and Carlos haven't even remarried yet. What a trollop you are to say that! If he loved you, why hasn't he married you yet?" By now, James had figured out that Carlos had fully regained his memory.

Debbie flashed a smile at him. "It's not that he doesn't want to marry me. He carries the divorce certificate and residence booklet around with him every day, just in case I agree to marry him. Your daughter tried everything to get this man, and yet I'm still considering whether or not to give him a second chance."

Her words had amused Carlos. 'When did she find out about that?' he wondered.

Everyone that was present in the operating room exchanged glances with each other. They couldn't believe their ears and looked at Carlos who was still smiling. They were all aware that he was one of the wealthiest men in the world. 'Since when did Carlos Huo have to try so hard to get a woman?' they all wondered.

No longer in the mood to waste time speaking to James, Debbie cast a glance at the bodyguards. Taking the hint, they grabbed James by the shoulders and forced him to kneel down on the broken glass.

"Argh!" His scream pierced the air in the operating room.

Most of the broken glass cut cruelly into his flesh and embedded into his skin. His face was now as pale as Stephanie's.

Carlos ignored his screams of pain and took Debbie into his arms, whispering in her ear, "Honey, there are so many of them watching. It'll be so humiliating if you still reject me. Let's remarry tomorrow and make them all jealous, okay?"

Debbie rolled her eyes at him. 'You think just because my tone softened I would agree to marry you now? Yeah right! You wish.' So she said softly, "I just need some more time."

Carlos was deeply disappointed

and frustrated. Chasing Debbie was the most difficult task he ever h

guards in casual clothes were arranged around the kindergarten whenever Evelyn was there.

Thinking of Evelyn's safety, Carlos realized that he had to take care of James as soon as possible.

He asked Frankie to set up an emergency meeting the next afternoon. All the high-ranking executives of ZL Group were requested to be present.

"Time for Dixon and the others to come back," he told Frankie.

Debbie had been deep in thought in the car. Upon hearing Dixon's name, she sat up immediately, and her eyes lit up. "Dixon is coming back?"

"Yeah. He's capable enough to undertake some tasks now. I can use his help." Soldiers were trained to be used in a time of crisis. Carlos believed that Dixon wouldn't let him down.

"When is he arriving? I want to pick him up at the airport." Among Debbie's friends, Dixon had been apart from her for the longest.

Kristina had been out of touch. Debbie and Kasie had tried to call her the other day, but her phone number wasn't in service anymore.

Seeing how excited Debbie was, Carlos wasn't happy. He squeezed her hand as a warning and asked, "You're very happy to see him?"

"Of course! I haven't seen him for years. I've missed him!" Debbie admitted, ignoring his warning.

A warning was all that Carlos could do. Despite being jealous, the mighty man cared too much about Debbie to scold her.

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