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   Chapter 493 Kneel And Apologize

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6487

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"Right. Only a coward will torment a woman," Carlos said sarcastically when he heard James' words.

With one hand in his pocket, he walked up to James, patted the slimeball's cheek, and said, "Be patient. It will be your turn soon. I will not let you down, Dad." He stared the old man in the eye. Without averting his sight, he ordered the doctors, "Since Stephanie doesn't want the bastard in her belly, let's do her a favor— rip it out!"

He had waited for this day for more than a month. Stephanie was finally pregnant. It was showtime! He would make James watch while he paid him back with interest! Then he would know who was crueler between the two of them.

Two doctors held Stephanie tightly onto the operating table, and another one grabbed the tools and started the abortion procedure.

Stephanie's eyes widened in fear. Debbie watched. The operation was being done without giving her an anesthetic. She could imagine how painful it was.

But Stephanie bit her lower lip stubbornly. When the cold equipment was inserted into her body, she refused to scream, no matter how much it hurt.

Even if Carlos hadn't ordered the doctors to do the abortion, she wouldn't have kept the bastard anyway.

James bowed his head and clenched his teeth as hatred filled his heart. Glenda cried so hard that she was on the verge of passing out. She was making too much noise, so Carlos had her mouth gagged again.

Debbie couldn't stand the bloody scene anymore. She turned her head away from the operating table.

But she told herself not to be soft-hearted. Three years ago, James hadn't been merciful to her.

When the procedure was done, everyone thought that Carlos was done with the punishments. But the doctors remained. Carlos glared at James and asked, "Do you understand how Debbie had felt back then?"

His voice was cold, radiating an undeniably dangerous aura.

Debbie gazed at him and saw bloodlust in his sharp ey

right foot and stamped on his chest mercilessly. Looking down at him, she asked, "I'm pushing you? Did you forget what you did to me three years ago? After Carlos' accident, you tied me to an operating table and coerced me into signing the divorce papers. You should have known this day would come."

Overwhelmed by emotions, Debbie raised her voice and yelled at him, "You hit me, forced me to leave Carlos' and my home, staged his death and tricked me to a fake funeral. You ruined my happiness and destroyed my life. You pushed me into severe depression. What do you say about all that?" Debbie's eyes reddened at the thought of her painful past.

Hearing her words, Carlos felt even more guilty.

Debbie removed her foot from James' chest and squatted down beside him. She grabbed his collar and pulled him up into a sitting position. "You're a murderer. I'll sue you and make you rot in jail!"

James struggled a little and smiled contemptuously at her. "You're only doing all this by relying on Carlos. Find some proof on your own, I dare you!"

"I rely on Carlos. So what? He's my husband. We count on each other. I might not be able to find out everything you did, but Carlos sure can. And now that I've seen the pathetic look on your face, I'll smile in my dreams tonight!"

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