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   Chapter 492 Abortion

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7274

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Debbie blushed at Carlos' love confession, and she felt so happy at that moment.

They reached the twelfth floor, and the whole floor was shrouded in silence. Carlos led Debbie to the door of an office when two familiar voices came from within the room.

"Niles, will you stop talking nonsense? Hurry up and check my kidneys. I feel there is something wrong with them," said Damon.

"Oh, really?" Niles asked nonchalantly. "What's wrong with your kidneys?"

Damon looked at him with a sad look and complained, "It's all Carlos' fault."

"What? Carlos? What did you guys do?"

Damon's answer not only stunned Niles, but also made Debbie giggle.

With a gloomy face, Carlos kicked the door open. When Damon saw Carlos, he was shocked and cowered with fear, blurting out nervously, "Carlos, what are you doing here?"

Carlos cast a scornful glance at him and scoffed, "To have someone's kidney removed."


"Yours." Disdain was written all over Carlos' face.

Damon covered his waist and rushed towards the door. However, Niles grabbed his collar and said, "Hey, let me give you an injection."

"No, no. I have to keep my kidneys to meet my wife's needs." Damon broke free from Niles and rushed to a corner sitting on the chair, feigning terror.

Carlos stared at him and asked, "Why are you here?"

Damon rolled his eyes and snapped back at him, "Have my kidneys checked. It's all your fault!" Carlos had hired women to seduce him every day. Faced with so many hot women, Damon could do nothing but restrain his desires. As time went by, he felt that he had a kidney deficiency.

Niles opened the door to the examination room and gestured for Damon to go in. "I'll give you a thorough examination," he said.

Then he turned to Carlos. "Everything is ready. You guys go to the operating room first. It's next to this one."

Carlos couldn't be bothered to stay to watch Niles carry out a check-up on Damon. He and Debbie made their way towards the room Niles had shown him.

When he pushed the door open, he saw several bodyguards standing inside. Upon seeing their boss, they greeted him respectfully.

Carlos nodded to them and walked i

o, what do you want?" That was when she realized that her hands were tied to each side of the operating table.

At that moment, Niles came into the room while cursing under his breath, "Damn! Damon is such a coward. There's nothing wrong with him, yet he forced me to do a thorough check-up on him. It was such a waste of my time..." When he saw so many people inside the room, he flashed a broad smile. "Hi, Uncle James. Hi, Uncle James' mistress. Hello, Miss Li. You're finally awake."

'Uncle James' mistress?' Both James and Glenda turned sour.

Ignoring Niles, Stephanie fixed her eyes on Carlos. Unlike her mother, she was calm and composed. "Carlos Huo, you better kill me right here and now. Otherwise, the first thing that I'm going to do after I leave here is report you to the authorities for having people rape me and holding me against my will."

Carlos picked up a scalpel and played with it in his hand. The scalpel shone under the light. After a while, he said mockingly, "Kill you?"

An evil smile appeared on his lips as he shot the scalpel towards Stephanie.

Debbie watched in horror, and a chill ran down her spine.

"Aaargh!" Stephanie let out a bloodcurdling scream.

The scalpel cut her arm and dropped to the floor.

"You think that I wouldn't dare kill you?" Carlos mocked.

James roared, "Carlos Huo, only a coward will torment a woman—" His voice trailed off as he remembered what he had done to Debbie.

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