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   Chapter 488 Megan's Diary (Part One)

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'Sounds like Carlos doesn't realize Stephanie's my kid, ' James thought to himself. He was relieved, but he tried not to let it show. Thinking of this, he pretended to be sad and dejected. "Don't even think about it. I didn't raise you to be a criminal. They're just two women. Leave them alone."

'Just two women?'

Carlos flashed a scornful smile.

'Stephanie hired someone to rape Megan, and tried to frame Debbie for Megan's death.

She hired thugs to kill me and Debbie while we were on vacation.

She even put Ivan and Debbie's marriage license on social media, an open invitation to cyberbullying.

She slipped me a mickey to try and have sex with me.

Just a woman? She's a vicious, evil bitch!

Her mother Glenda isn't any better. She's been James' mistress for years! She's the one who wanted me and Stephanie together, and James just gave in to her, '

Carlos thought to himself.

James, of course, saw the disdain in Carlos' eyes, but he could do nothing. He couldn't just come clean to the CEO. That would implicate him. "Carlos, listen to your old man. Just let it go," he pleaded.

"Let it go?" Carlos pressed the button on the mahjong table, and it began to shuffle the tiles. "Let's play a few more rounds. If you win, I'll leave them alone."

James had no choice. He had to sit down and pit his skills against Carlos. This was vital. If Carlos went after these women, they might blow the lid off the whole thing. The other guests started scanning the table, formulating strategies even before the tiles were revealed.

Before this, Niles and James were on top. But now, things changed. Curtis was the victor this time. Niles was already in a bad mood because of the stench. Now that he kept losing, his face grew even darker. "I bet you cheated," he spat.

Curtis smiled and said nothing. He was cheating, after a fashion. Carlos kept giving him the right tiles.

Beads of sweat appeared on James' forehead. The mere thought of his lover and daughter being raped by beggars made his heart ache.

an had written everything down, including how she felt about Carlos and Wesley.

It turned out that Megan got close to Carlos, Wesley, Damon and Curtis on purpose because she swore to mess up their lives. And she could use her feminine wiles to do so.

In order to make Colleen jealous, Megan flirted with Curtis. Megan would be delighted when Colleen and Curtis started fighting over it.

Megan screwed things up for Wesley and Blair. Blair had even gotten engaged to another man.

As for Megan's hatred for Debbie, she had also written it down. It read, "Carlos loves Debbie a lot. She gets all the love and affection he used to reserve for me. He even blamed me and asked me to be nicer to her. Well, fuck him! Why should I be nicer? My parents died saving Carlos and Wesley. I lost my parents, and these guys got off scot-free. Well, not anymore.

They'll pay for the misery they caused me. They'll wish they'd died then and there. I hate them! If I can't be happy, then nobody can. They'll pay. Believe me, they'll pay."

In the diary, Megan had confessed that she had deliberately caused trouble for Debbie in the Huo family's house in New York. It worked—they all hated her. She wanted to screw up everything and everyone in that family. It would be a pleasant surprise if Valerie hated Debbie so much that the old woman died because of it.

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