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   Chapter 487 You'll Be Needing A Doctor

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7171

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Unable to bear the smell, Niles held his nose and asked, "Carlos, what do you want?"

Carlos looked at the mahjong tiles before him and answered casually, "Just enjoy the show."

Debbie covered her nose and mouth with both her hands. It wasn't because she looked down upon beggars; it was because the stench was overbearing.

She looked at Carlos in shock. 'I thought he was a germophobe? How can he be so calm?' she thought.

Curtis and Carlos continued playing mahjong as if they didn't smell anything whereas everyone else had disgusted expressions and struggled to keep themselves from running to the bathroom to vomit.

The bodyguards led the beggars to the bedroom where Stephanie and Glenda were. After the bodyguards whispered something to them, the beggars said in unison, "No problem."

James had his back to the bedroom. He turned in an attempt to see what was going on, but his view was blocked by the wall. He turned back to Carlos and asked, "Who are they? Why bring them here?"

Carlos removed a White Dragon tile and flashed a cynical smile. "There are two women in the bedroom. It's going to be a wonderful night for the guys."

'Two women?'

James' heart skipped a beat. "What women?"

"Mmmph..." James could hear muffled sounds of two women struggling coming from within the bedroom. Their mouths were covered, so he was unable to identify who they were.

Carlos' eyes were as cold as ice. He had every intention of telling James who the women were. "Stephanie Li masqueraded as my girlfriend and bullied Debbie while I lost my memory. She even tried to drug me this evening. Her mother insulted Debbie. I need to teach them a lesson so they won't dare mess with my woman again."

Carlos had already told Debbie and Curtis that Stephanie had tried to drug him. Fortunately, Carlos had swapped his drugged glass of wine with the other glass, and consequently, Stephanie ended up falling into her own trap and drinking it.

James froze. It was not until then that he realized that the women inside the bedroom were Glenda and Stephanie. His mistress and daughter.

The blood immediately rushed to his head,


Curtis chuckled and explained to him, "Your brother is busy looking for Blair, and Damon was so angry at Carlos for what he had done that he blocked his number."

Niles cast a glance at Carlos and wondered if he should block his number too.

Carlos knew what he was thinking and shot him a warning look. "If you dare block my number, you'll be needing a doctor!" he threatened.

"How can you bully me like this?" said Niles, pouting his lips.

The three of them argued among themselves as if they were unfazed about what was happening in the bedroom.

James, who had been closing his eyes all this time, opened them and stood up from his seat. "I have to get out of here," he said, walking towards the door.

Carlos smiled and asked sarcastically, "What's the rush?"

Glenda heard James' voice and suddenly cried out loud, "James, help us... Mmmph..."

When James heard her pleas for help, he stopped in his tracks. He couldn't do anything to help them, so he pulled out a small bottle of pills and put a few into his mouth.

He then turned to Carlos and warned him, "Carlos, I can't just sit here and let you do this to them. If you still refuse to let them go, I'm going to call the police."

Carlos exhaled a mouthful of smoke and mocked, "I am your son! Adopted though. The woman inside the room tried to drug me, yet you chose to side with her. James Huo, you value an outsider more than me?"

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