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   Chapter 486 How Silly!

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7333

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The others in the room stared at Carlos and Debbie. They thought that they would be witnessing a horror scene with Carlos strangling Stephanie to death, but instead, it seemed like they had ended up watching a romantic movie. Carlos and Debbie were openly showing their affection for each other.

Debbie had calmed down after hearing Carlos' soothing words. She cast a sideways glance at him and asked, "Really?"

"Really! I promise!" Carlos said with a soft smile.

Debbie heaved a long sigh of relief and then said, "You would be doing Stephanie and James a favor if you kill them off so easily. We should torture them first and then turn them over to the police. Let them suffer for what they did." Although Carlos didn't tell everyone that he had gotten his memory back, almost everyone around him already knew the truth, including James. James already had plans in place to deal with the situation if Carlos ever turned against him. He just didn't know when that day would come.

Carlos hadn't planned to deal with his enemies this soon. But Stephanie's actions had pushed his buttons. She tried to drug him.

When Carlos had figured out her intentions, he pretended to be drugged and came to the room with her. Then, he had laid her tricks bare.

"Okay. I'll do as you say."

After soothing his woman, Carlos turned to the others. His eyes were cold again. He looked at Curtis, Colleen and Tristan, and asked indifferently, "Wanna stay and watch the show?"

Curtis nodded with a smirk.

Colleen felt uneasy and tugged at Curtis' sleeve. "Show? Is it gonna be bloody?" she asked, fear evident in her voice. She had heard of Carlos' cruel means whilst he dealt with his enemies, and had just felt his demonic aura a moment ago.

Curtis patted her shoulder. "Don't worry. Carlos is a reasonable man."

Carlos had his men take Stephanie to a Presidential Suite's bedroom. Then he and the rest of the party went after them.

After arranging everything for the "show," Carlos and Curtis sat at an automatic mahjong table in the living room.

A few minutes later, Niles entered, gasping for air. After quickly grabbing a glass of water, he asked, "Carlos, I've been working

n between Debbie and Carlos. He looked away from them and forced a smile. "How rude of you guys! It's so late, yet you called me over to play mahjong."

After he sat down, Carlos pressed a button and the table automatically shuffled the mahjong tiles. "Playing just mahjong will be boring. Wait for a while. We have an interesting show coming up soon," he said.

James had a bad feeling in his gut, but he didn't know what was going to happen. He tried to stay calm. "Really? I'm looking forward to it."

The first round started. While they were playing, no one spoke. The atmosphere was rather tense. By the end of the round, Niles said cheerfully, "I won! Ha-ha! Looks like it's my lucky day!"

After taking the chips from the other three, Niles pressed the button on the table once again and they began the second round.

As if Carlos and Curtis had made some deal beforehand, Niles and James continued to win more rounds.

James became much more relaxed after winning some money. "Niles, you have made a lot of money this evening. You have to buy us something to snack on."

Niles raised his chin proudly and said, "No problem! Order anything you like."

"Ha-ha!" James laughed heartily.

After a while, the doorbell rang again. Tristan went to answer the door. James raised his head to see who it was, and then he frowned deeply.

A bad smell pervaded the room. Everyone in the room closed their noses, overcome with a feeling of nausea.

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