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   Chapter 485 She Must Die Today

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Debbie listened to Carlos silently. His last words surprised her. He didn't miss a single chance he got to flatter her or say sweet words to her. Were those really words from the arrogant Carlos? Taking a sip of the juice, Debbie turned to Colleen, who was also stunned by his words. "Aunt Colleen, Carlos has been acting really weird ever since he regained his memory. He's being sweet to me every day. It's not like him. Do you think there is still some problem with his brain after the accident?"

Rubbing her forehead in frustration, Colleen begged in her mind, 'Don't get me involved in your affairs, Debbie.' But of course, Debbie couldn't hear Colleen's silent voice; she just kept staring at her for an answer. Left with no choice, Colleen replied with a sigh, "You little fool. There's nothing wrong with his brain. He loves you so much and that's why he's acting this way. His romantic side shows up only for you!"

Debbie pursed her lips. "Fine, forget it."

Carlos was very much satisfied with Colleen's answer. He grinned broadly and said, "Carry on with your food. I still have something to discuss with Barlow. I'll take you home after that." With that, he mischievously planted a kiss on her cheek before walking away.

Taken advantage of by the brazen man once again, Debbie flushed, feeling bashful and angry at the same time.

Colleen almost choked. Looking at Carlos' receding figure, she whispered to Debbie, "I'm pretty sure that there's absolutely nothing wrong with Carlos' brain. He has completely recovered. Didn't you see the affection in his eyes when he looked at you? I'm really impressed!" It reminded Colleen of the old days. Three years ago, before he lost his memories, Carlos always showed off his love for Debbie in front of his group of friends. It was the same again. The old Carlos had indeed come back.

Debbie chuckled at her words. Of course, she had noticed the affection in his eyes. A river of happiness flooded through her.

Debbie waited for Carlos at the food section. She thought that he would finish his talks soon, but after waiting for a long while, he still hadn't shown up. Even Curtis had come back after he was done socializing with the other guests.

As they waited, a man ran through the crowd and made his way to Debbie. "Miss Nian, something is wrong. Mr. Huo and Miss Li went upstairs to a hotel room just now." Debbie recognized the man as one of Tristan's helpers. Without a second thought, she shot to her feet and rushed towards the elevator.


what should Evelyn and I do?"

"I won't be—" '—put behind bars, ' he wanted to say, but Debbie didn't let him finish.

"Yes, I know how powerful you are in Y City. Even if you kill both Stephanie and James, you won't be put in jail. But how do you think I would feel about it? It would haunt me forever if I see you kill a person in front of my eyes! My life would be overshadowed by the trauma! You always say that you love me. Is this the love you have for me? Make me spend my life with a criminal?"

Carlos said nothing.

Curtis couldn't help but let out a chuckle under his breath. Carlos looked like a kid being scolded by his mother.

"You're a grown man, not a kid! Can't you think before you spring into action? Did you even think about your wife and daughter? When Evelyn grows up, people will laugh at her saying that her father is a murderer and her mother an accomplice. Your daughter will be frowned upon by others for the rest of her life! Do you understand what I am saying?" She continued to bombard him with a barrage of tongue-lashing.

Carlos patiently waited till she vented all her anger. He understood her anger. Although he was being scolded in front of others, he wasn't bothered at all. Instead, he hugged her again and tried to appease her. "Honey..."

Debbie struggled in his arms, trying to break free, but to no avail. In the end, she slapped his shoulder lightly. "Don't call me that! I'm not your wife. If you won't listen to me, never say that you love me again!"

"Okay, okay. I heard you. I'll listen to whatever you say from now on. Don't be pissed," he coaxed her again. The last thing he wanted to do was make this woman angry.

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