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   Chapter 484 Let Alone Money

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Debbie stuck her head out and retorted, "You don't have the final say in this."

Carlos' face instantly fell. When Curtis and Colleen burst into a fit of laughter, Carlos pulled her into his arms and whispered in her ear, "I think we need a talk now."

Debbie pursed her lips. She could sense the warning in his tone, but she wasn't afraid. In a hushed voice, she threatened, "You sure you want a talk now? There's no telling of the outcome."

The great CEO chickened out at once. He couldn't afford to irritate her now.

A few moments later, Carlos and Curtis were invited to a business talk by some other guest. Meanwhile, Debbie and Colleen sat idly at the food section, enjoying the food and watching the guests come and go.

Debbie's phone suddenly buzzed. It was a message from Ruby. As she bowed her head to text back, she heard some people behind her gossiping. "Look, that's Debbie Nian, the woman who separated Mr. Huo and Stephanie Li."

"Isn't she Mr. Huo's ex-wife? Why did she do that? Do you think she wants to remarry Mr. Huo?"

"Of course. After all, Mr. Huo is so rich and powerful. I bet she must have been regretting it every day after the divorce."

Their voices were loud enough to be heard by Debbie and Colleen. The two simultaneously turned their heads around, only to find the gossipers were a group of unacquainted women. They were glaring in Debbie's direction while berating her fervently.

The gossipers were taken aback and caught off-guard when they made eye contact with Debbie, although they didn't flinch nor leave the spot.

With her right elbow rested on the table behind her, Debbie smirked and asked in a raised voice, "Hey girls, are you talking about me?"

Colleen stood up, in a bid to give those women a piece of her mind, but Debbie tugged at her sleeve to stop her.

The group of women remained silent, staring at her warily.

Debbie glanced over their shoulders and saw that Carlos was slowly approaching them. In an instant, a bright smile crept across her face, and she spoke again in the same raised voice. "How did you know that I'm only after Carlos' money? What should I do now? You've seen through me. Yes, Carlos is rich, and I love his money!"

One of the nosy women widened her eyes in disbelief upon hearing Debbie's words. She cussed, "Listen to yourself! Shame on you!"

"Shame?" Debbie blinked her eyes mischievously. "You mean me? I'm shameless?"

She was deliberately provoking the women. She could see that Carlos was standing right behind them and could hear every word that was sai

or try to stop them. They were afraid that they might meet the same fate as she did and land themselves in trouble.

Debbie tugged at Carlos' sleeve. "Where are they taking her?" she asked in a worried tone.

Carlos looked at her and gently caressed her head. Sensing her concern, he assured her, "Don't worry." Ever since he had a wife, Carlos wasn't as cruel as he used to be.

Debbie whispered, "Just teach her a little lesson. Don't go too far, okay?" She was angry with that woman's insulting words, so she didn't want to let her get away with it. It was okay to punish her, but she didn't want Carlos to overdo it.

Carlos raised an eyebrow and held her chin. "I know what to do. Don't you trust me?"

Debbie slapped his hand away. "No, I don't!" She had heard a lot about how brutal and merciless Carlos could be. People said that anyone who offended him or crossed his line would end up miserably. So she felt worried about what would happen to the woman.

To set her mind at ease, Carlos took out his phone and called Frankie. He ordered coldly, "Carve a 'bitch' on her face and throw her out onto the street." After putting his phone away, he brazenly pulled her closer to him and asked, "Honey, is that okay?"

Debbie got goose bumps just thinking about the order that Carlos gave. "No, that's too painful. Just punch her a few times."

Carlos didn't listen to her this time. He shook his head and reminded her. "Honey, you need to know one thing. To be kind to your enemy is to be cruel to yourself. If it were a few years ago, I would've had that woman's mouth stitched up. She's lucky that I'm much more benevolent now because my kind and lovely wife has changed me. You're my angel."

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