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   Chapter 483 Call Me Uncle

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After helping Debbie with her high heels, Carlos opened the jewelry box on the desk and helped her put each piece on one by one, despite her reluctance.

At last, he took out a ring. He held it up to her, displaying the huge heart-shaped diamond, a 3.50ct princess cut. "And now, the piece de resistance," he announced. He was about to put it on her ring finger, but Debbie protested silently with her index finger pointing forward. Her meaning was obvious.

Carlos flashed a thin smile. He obeyed her this time and put the diamond ring on her index finger instead.

After that, she tried to draw her hand back, but he grabbed hold of it again. Staring into her eyes, he declared imperiously, "I'm just going to take your protests in stride. It's normal to fight every once in a while. But no matter what, you'll be my wife. I'm not budging on this one!"

Debbie looked back at him sullenly. In her mind, she thought, 'Do you have to be so possessive?'

Carlos carried Debbie in his arms as they descended the staircase. Her dress was floor-length, and he didn't want her to trip on it. A fall down the stairs could be lethal.

Miranda was on the phone in the living room. Seeing them come downstairs, she smiled at Debbie and nodded her head. She mouthed to her, "You look great."

Debbie felt shy at her praise. Blushing, she returned, "Thanks."

A loving smile hit Carlos' lips when he saw her blushing face. Then, holding her hand, he led her towards the door.

The moment they set foot in the venue, every guest's eyes were fixed on them. Seeing the legendary couple walking side by side with their fingers entwined, a lot of people couldn't help complimenting and blessing them. They looked every inch the aristocratic couple.

Carlos was in a good mood, of course. Everyone was sure about that because they were surprised to get a rare smile or nod from the usually cold CEO.

Barlow was a big shot in business circles. A bevvy of distinguished guests and celebrities were invited to his grand birthday party. Debbie and Carlos walked up to him and greeted him. As Carlos and Barlow exchanged some pleasantries, Debbie took a gift from Frankie's hands and handed it to the old man. It was an authentic Chinese painting.

Barlow accepted the gift happily. When his assistant helped him unroll the painting on the spot, the guests just had to get a look. Many of them were astonished at the magnificent piece.

It was a traditional painting with some symbolic elements that meant longevity, such as deer, cranes, pine trees, cypres

onless, Carlos spat, "Money."

Colleen looked at him, doubt in her eyes. "Didn't he wire the money just now?"

Carlos grinned evilly. "Aunt Colleen, Uncle Curtis said that if I called him Uncle even once, he would give Debbie a million. Now that I've said it twice, it should be two million. A deal's a deal."

Colleen was left speechless. It did sound like that.

Curtis smiled bitterly. "Hey, Carlos. Are you twisting my words to rip me off?"

With a nod, Carlos admitted honestly, "Yeah. Cut the crap. Where's my money?"

Sighing resignedly, Curtis scanned the barcode again and wired one more million. When Carlos was about to address them the third time, Debbie hastily reached up and covered his mouth. "Stop. Are you trying to bankrupt them?"

As she said this, she yanked her phone away from him.

The CEO winked at her and nodded.

Debbie put away her phone and scolded him. "God, you're such a jerk."

He smiled innocently. "It's not my fault. He said it, I didn't."

Curtis chuckled under his breath. Patting Carlos' shoulder, he joked, "Carlos, you haven't remarried Debbie yet. Payback's a bitch." He turned to his niece and advised, "Debbie, I've got the perfect guy for you—young, handsome, rich. Unlike this sourpuss, my friend is tons of fun. He'll make you laugh every day. What do you think?"

Pulling a pure and innocent face, Debbie clapped her hands and nodded, "Sounds like my ideal type."

The next second, the unhappy man grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her behind him. Facing Curtis, who was smiling playfully, Carlos warned again, "I said, Debbie is mine for the rest of her life. You want to find another man for her? Let them go through me first."

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