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   Chapter 482 Look At The Big Picture

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"Yeah. Wesley quit the military. He's planning to study in England. He'll probably drop by before he leaves, saying goodbye to his family. After that, he won't be back for a long time," Carlos said. So, Blair would be safe staying with the Li family. Wesley wouldn't have to know.

Debbie was speechless. 'Poor Wesley. Good luck to you, ' she prayed, shaking her head.

But then, she suddenly realized something. Wesley would be taken in by the same trick, something she'd done to Carlos, too.

As she was thinking, she sensed Carlos' intent gaze. She tilted her head and met his deep eyes. Piggy slumbered in his arms.

"Why... Why are you staring at me?" Debbie uneasily touched the tip of her nose, and leaned her head against the glass window of her car door.

Carlos asked sarcastically, "The whole Li family is keeping a secret from Wesley. Sound familiar?"

Debbie was taken aback. Did he read her mind?

"Didn't think I knew?" Carlos asked a bit angrily. But deep down, he felt happy to see Debbie's frustrated face. She had been ordering him around and giving him the cold shoulder these days. Finally, he had a chance to fight back.

The young mother felt guilty. She decided to pretend to be innocent. "What do you mean?"

He flashed a smile and pulled her closer to him. Looking down at her in an arrogant manner, he scoffed, "Don't play dumb. My mom, Xavier, Yates, Ivan and the others knew your marriage was fake. I didn't. They kept the secret. I was the odd man out, like poor Wesley."

Debbie felt embarrassed. Since Carlos had figured it out, it was pointless for her to hide it anymore. "How did you know?" 'But wait... Everyone knew I didn't love Ivan, and my wedding to Ivan was part of my plan to win Carlos back. But not everyone knew the licenses were fake, ' Debbie thought to herself.

"That's not the point. The point is, you're good, aren't you? You had them all charmed—Xavier, Yates and even my mom. You got them to play along with you." Thinking of this, Carlos really wanted to punish her now, but...he didn't dare. He kissed her forehead with force, as if he were protesting how she treated him.

Debbie chuckled. "Hey, don't blame me. Not my idea."

He sighed resignedly. "Blame you?"

Suppressing her laughter, Debbie pretended to be indifferent. "Yes, blame me. You're good at holding grudges. Let

eeding the guy insider news."

Miranda smiled understandingly. "Let me guess. News leaked to them by you?"

"Of course." Carlos smirked. He wasn't going to let that sly old fox outwit him this time. The news he let slip was fake. Now he could get at James and Funk Zhang, or even purchase the Pinsent Group.

After chatting for a while, Carlos went upstairs to check if Debbie was ready. Debbie had just changed into her evening dress and was about to don the high heels.

As soon as he came into the bedroom, he saw Debbie dressed in the pale apricot fishtail gown. Only thin layer of lace covered her shoulders and arms, so her sexy collarbones were revealed.

The color complimented her fair skin and the vintage style made her look elegant. Carlos was smug. He had such good taste.

As he stared at her with passion in his eyes, he began to fantasize. He knew what lay beneath that dress, and he wanted to see it. God knew how much he wanted to take that dress off her and make love to her.

After some wild fantasies, he swallowed hard and composed himself. He dismissed the maids. Then he walked up to Debbie. When she looked at him confusedly, he suddenly knelt on one knee and helped her put on the shoes.

Debbie stared affectionately at the man helping her with her high heels. She was so moved. Ever since he regained his memory, he treated her so well, even better than when they were first together. She told herself to keep him at arm's length, but each time he treated her like this, she couldn't be mean to him. She didn't know what to do.

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