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   Chapter 481 What Happened To Blair

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Debbie threw a glance at Carlos. "How did you know I'm staying at this hotel?" she asked coldly. But the moment she asked that, she realized how stupid that question was. It was no big deal for Carlos to find out where she stayed.

He smiled and joked, "We're a couple. I always know what you're thinking."

"Mr. Huo, we aren't married yet. It's not like we are an item now," Debbie scoffed. She thought that he would brag about his influence and say how easily he could get wind of her information whenever he wanted. But again, unexpectedly, he used his chance to sweet-talk her. So once again she wondered if he had really found someone to teach him how to be romantic.

"We will get remarried sooner or later. You can't run away from me for the rest of your life." He squeezed her hand tighter. She tried to break free, but he didn't loosen his grip.

The hotel which Debbie was staying at wasn't too far away from the restaurant. It only took them ten-odd minutes to walk to the hotel. Carlos had earlier called the front desk and had asked them to shift Debbie into a luxury family suite.

There was a kids' room inside the suite in addition to the master bedroom. After laying the little girl comfortably on the bunk bed, Carlos covered the quilt over her and left the room.

Debbie squatted on the floor in the master bedroom, unpacking her luggage. When she saw him walk in, she asked casually, "Is she asleep?"

"Yes." Carlos pulled her up to her feet and wrapped his arms around her. Without warning, he drew his face close to hers and kissed her lips fervently.

"No…I need to... unpack my things..." she said in between their hungry kiss. She was frightened by his burning passion.

He didn't let go of her. With his lips still pressed on hers, he caught a glimpse of Debbie's suitcase on the floor out of the corner of his eye, and kicked it away.

In no time, he pinned her down onto the king-sized bed behind them. Their kiss was broken and they gasped for air. He said in haste, "Leave all that to me. I'll unpack your things later. Now, give yourself to me."

When he was about to kiss her again, Debbie put a finger on his lips to stop him.

He was perplexed.

She grinned playfully. "Mr. Huo, do you really want to marry me again?"

He nodded vigorously, without any hesitation. He desperately wanted to!

"All right then. I'll promise you that I will think about it, but you have to respect my wishes before we get married. You can't keep bugging me for

ther woman either. You love her, so why do you have to torture yourself and her? Why can't you just live peacefully with her?"

Carlos had made some grave mistakes in his own life, but as an outsider in Wesley and Blair's story, he could see their problems clearly. As they say, "Lookers-on see more than the players."

Wesley clenched his teeth and snapped, "I proposed marriage to her, and she said no!"

Carlos sneered, "She proposed to you a long time ago, but you refused her even more mercilessly. Don't you remember that?" His words were like a dagger to Wesley's heart.

He said nothing.

Then the call was disconnected.

Debbie was curious about what Carlos had just said. "Blair had proposed marriage to Wesley?"

He put his phone away and nodded, "Yes. A long time ago. But Wesley turned her down in front of a few hundred soldiers." Blair's uncle was Wesley's superior at that time. He had given Blair the privilege to show up at the troop camp where Wesley was, draped in a wedding dress.

Debbie knitted her eyebrows deeply after hearing their story. Indeed, men could be very ruthless when they didn't love you. Just like how Carlos had been when he was amnesiac.

She asked, "Do you know where Blair is now?"

Carlos nodded, "Yes. She's pregnant and needs care. I sent her to the Li family's mansion in A Country. Wesley's mom is taking care of her now."

'What?! In Wesley's hometown? That's a clever idea. He will never expect that Blair is right beside his own mother, ' Debbie thought. "So, did the Li family agree to keep it a secret from Wesley? Are they just going to sit by and watch Wesley search for Blair everywhere?"

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