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   Chapter 480 Megan's Death

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Debbie wanted to say something to Carlos to stop the man from addressing her as "honey." But Davis wouldn't shut up. He was so excited and animated. He cut in, "You're welcome. Your daughter is amazing. I really should get a wife and have a son right now. That way, when he grows up, I can have him court your daughter."

As he finished speaking, he clearly saw Carlos' emotionless face gradually fall.

Awkward silence engulfed them. In the end, the stone-faced man told the foreigner icily, "First, you need to get on the Forbes Billionaires list; second, marry the most beautiful woman in the world—she should have good genes; third, give birth to a son that is older than my daughter, and make sure he knows how to handle your money, not to mention make more. So, if you do all that, your son can date my kid."

Debbie's jaw dropped as she listened to Carlos' standards on their future son-in-law.

She couldn't believe her ears.

'Forbes Billionaires list? Some billionaires don't make that list. It starts at 40 billion dollars! Does he think anyone can do that?

And marry the most beautiful woman? For good genes? So he means Davis' kid needs to be rich, powerful and handsome enough to be worthy of Evelyn.'

But what drove Debbie nuts was his third requirement. A son older than Evelyn? That was impossible. Carlos had to be joking. The cap to a list of impossible demands, so the guy would give up on the idea of his son marrying Evelyn. Of course he'd want a mature, stable man as a son-in-law, but this was over the top.

Carlos had clearly given him a picture of his ideal son-in-law: powerful, rich, handsome, considerate and caring.

Carlos took Piggy from Debbie's arms. Holding his daughter with one arm, he wrapped his other arm around Debbie's waist and led her away.

The foreigner was still in a daze after hearing what the CEO said. He stared blankly at the mother and daughter who were waving goodbye to him. The mother smiled apologetically while the daughter wore a sweet smile.

After pondering over Carlos' list for a while, Davis somehow figured out what exactly was on the CEO's mind.

It sounded reasonable. If he had such a wonderful daughter, he'd strive to give her the best things in life.

So how could he do this? How could he have a son who measured up? 'Forbes Billionaires list? The most beautiful woman in the world? A son older than Evelyn?' Davis recalled Carlos' words once again in his

lly weren't friends at all. They pretended, to keep up appearances. Stephanie hired someone to rape Megan, but Megan didn't have solid proof, so she didn't tell us. But she was planning her revenge." But unfortunately for her, she was brutally cut down before her plans could come to fruition.

"Her diary? What else was in there?" Debbie asked, genuinely curious. She wanted to know what the drama queen thought of her three years ago.

Carlos gave her a long glance and squeezed her hand before apologizing, "I'm sorry. I've been a bad guy. I want to make it up to you."

"Why?" she asked, confused.

"Megan said in her diary that she hated Wesley and me a lot, because her parents died for us. After her parents died, she wasn't happy, so she aimed to make us suffer as well. She drove a wedge between you and me. She stirred up trouble between Wesley and Blair, even Curtis and Colleen."

'What a nutjob!' Debbie thought, shaking her head. "But Uncle Curtis didn't have anything to do with her parents' death. Why bother them?"

"Curtis is a good friend. She figured if she made his life hell, then Wesley and I wouldn't be happy either. Anyway, she'd try anything to make us sad."

Debbie felt a chill run down her spine as she heard Carlos talk about Megan's diary. She never knew Megan was like that.

"If you're interested, you can read her diary after going back home. It's pretty heavy stuff, and she wrote a lot. But enough about them. It's been too long," Carlos said unhappily. He had brought their daughter here to reunite with his wife. Life was too short to dwell on criminals who would do them harm.

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