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   Chapter 479 Beyond My Reach

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'As easy-going as Debbie?' Carlos shook his head. "I don't think so. It must be my genes. Debbie isn't an easy-going person at all," he said curtly. She was a hard nut to crack. If she were easy to handle, he would've already had her by his side. It was way more difficult to coax her than to snag a one hundred million contract.

On the contrary, he would easily surrender to her as soon as she gave herself to him.

The ever-aloof Miranda was amused by Carlos' childish words. A rare wide smile crept across her face as she said, "Your genes? What would Debbie say to that? If you were easy to handle, she wouldn't have had to suffer so much in the past months. See how angry she is with you now."

Carlos couldn't find a word to say. He was stumped. It was a scoff from his biological mother.

When he said nothing in reply, Miranda changed the topic and asked, "How are you going to deal with James and Stephanie?" The smile on her face was replaced by a serious look.

Carlos drank the remainder of the juice that was left in Evelyn's glass before answering calmly, "There's no hurry."

He wouldn't let them die peacefully. He wanted to torture them slowly, inch by inch, and exhaust them physically and mentally.

"Uh huh. Fine, I'll leave them to you. But be cautious, James is cruel and heartless. He'll probably try to get his hands on Evelyn. It would be wise to tighten the security around her. She needs more armed bodyguards," Miranda suggested. As she thought of the possibility of danger, she decided to stay in the manor for the time being until Carlos finished off James and Stephanie for good. She would then consider whether she should move out or not.

"Yes, I will do that."

Carlos didn't need to do anything much to deal with Stephanie. Because ironically, it was now her turn to become the target of cyber-bullying. As arrogant and proud as she was, Stephanie could hardly endure the negative comments on her. She was already devastated.

Debbie received Carlos' messages every day since she had flown to France. Today was the seventh day of her stay there. When she finished her work and returned to the hotel at midnight, she received his text again. "Honey, did you miss me today?"

Lying on the bed, she typed, "No."

Carlos didn't mind her cold reply. He continued to text her. "You should stop lying to yourself. You miss me. You can tel

her embrace.

However, she didn't.

Debbie squatted there, embarrassed, as she watched her daughter gracefully walk towards her with the doll in her hands. Debbie was still in a daze as Evelyn walked up to her and gave her a hug. "Mommy, I miss you."

Debbie wanted to cry and scream. 'Why is my dear baby becoming as cold as her dad? She's only three years old!'

Kids, they say, are easily influenced by the adults whom they spend most time with. Evelyn had been staying with Miranda and Carlos for a while and now, she had become as aloof as those two.

She scooped her daughter up and pecked a kiss on her cheek. Then she turned to her friend and introduced, "This is my daughter, Evelyn. Baby, say hi to Uncle Davis."

The foreigner greeted Evelyn cheerfully, "Hi little girl, my name is Davis. Nice to meet you!"

Evelyn smiled politely and waved her hand at him. "Good evening, Uncle Davis. Good to see you too."

Both Debbie and Davis were shocked by how fluently the three-year-old girl spoke English.

Debbie knew that Piggy could say a few simple English words. But so fluently? She had no idea.

Davis was excited. "Wow, Debbie, your daughter is amazing. She's cute and clever!"

As Davis was speaking, a tall figure came over and embraced the mother and daughter. Carlos planted a kiss on Debbie's cheek and said in English, "Honey, I've missed you." Before she could react, he looked at the man who was still very excited by the scene in front of him. The two gentlemen shook hands. "Thank you for taking care of my wife. Sorry, we should get going now."

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