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   Chapter 477 Carlos’ Retaliation

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'Could this man be any more overbearing?' Debbie shook her head silently. She then wrapped her arms around Carlos' neck and said in an extremely tender voice, "Mr. Huo, it hurts, doesn't it? I had lunch with Kinsley earlier, and now, I just walked arm-in-arm with another man. Imagine how I felt when I watched you kiss Stephanie and get engaged to her."

Carlos realized that she had done all those things to get even with him, just as he had anticipated. The look in his eyes softened. He bowed down his head and kissed her on the lips.

The space inside the car was filled with passion and lust. But Debbie pushed the horny Carlos away and snickered, "Mr. Huo, we should stop here. I got my period today."

Carlos was frustrated. 'She is determined to torture me.'

They rode to the manor to see Piggy. When they arrived, Miranda welcomed them in.

She smiled at Debbie and said, "I just finished reading to her. She fell asleep. Do you want to check on her?"

"Yeah, thanks," Debbie replied.

She pushed the door open without making any noise. The light in Piggy's room had been dimmed to a perfect glimmer. If it were to be too bright, she would have difficulty falling asleep; if it were too dark, she would get scared. The little girl was sound asleep now.

Miranda went to her room to get some sleep. Carlos leaned on the door frame, looking at Debbie and Piggy tenderly.

Before he found out who Piggy really was, he had envied her parents so much. But it turned out that he was her father after all.

He was grateful to Debbie for giving him such a lovely daughter. He wondered when she would forgive him. If she did, the three of them could live together every day. How great that would be, he thought.

Debbie walked over to him and whispered, "I'm sleeping with Piggy. Good night." With that, she shut the door on his face.

He heard the lock click from the inside.

She was avoiding him, he realized.

While he was in the study, Carlos got a call from Frankie. "Mr. Huo, I found out." He had been expecting this call.


"Miss Nian and Mrs. Miranda Huo had come up with the plan together."

Carlos wasn't surprised.

Frankie continued, "Mr. Wen had a part to play too. They worked together to make Miss Nian marry Ivan. On the one hand, it would stop Ivan's mom from pressuring him to get married and on the other hand, it would make you jeal

he won't be able to survive without me."

Carlos chuckled, "You talk about your girlfriend like that behind her back? Aren't you worried that she might hear you?"

"She is sleeping in the bedroom and I'm in the living room."

Just then, a soft voice came from behind him, "Wesley..."

Startled, Wesley choked on the smoke and coughed violently.

Blair wasn't loud, but Carlos heard her clearly. "Take care, buddy!" he said to Wesley and hung up with a smirk.

Wesley was stunned. He didn't know what to say to her.

"Do I look that useless to you?" Blair asked him with a pained expression. She knew that she wasn't the smartest person in the room. Otherwise, she wouldn't have failed time and again to run away from this man.

But it still hurt to hear him talk about her like that to others.

Wesley put out the cigarette and walked to her. "I was just joking around with Carlos," he explained with an awkward look on his face.

"Oh," Blair responded. He knew that she wasn't convinced, but he didn't know how to comfort her. It was all Carlos' fault. If he could, he would make that hateful man run a hundred kilometers with a twenty-kilogram load on his back.

Before Ivan's wedding, news that the ZL Group was going to take over the Wen Group was spread everywhere. Nobody knew why or if it was true.

Only very few people knew that it was all because Carlos was enraged. So many of them had already suffered under his rage. And it was all for Debbie.

Ivan was very busy dealing with the issues at hand. It was true that Carlos was about to buy out the Wen Group.

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