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   Chapter 476 Lunch For Four

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When Carlos walked into the sushi shop, he was still on the phone with Debbie. Around that time, she was nibbling at a meat floss sushi. "Why aren't you talking?" she asked, when she noticed his silence.

The man sitting opposite her choked when he saw Carlos walk in. He kicked Debbie under the table and winked at her as he gulped down his glass of water.

Debbie turned around to look directly at the man. Carlos ended the call and put his phone into his pocket. He looked at the man at the table and asked coldly, "Kinsley, what are you doing here?"

Carlos nudged Debbie, motioning her to move over.

Kinsley quickly swallowed a mouthful of fish eggs and explained, "Please don't misunderstand. I'm flying to Z Country this afternoon and will be staying there for the next three months. Me meeting Debbie here was a complete coincidence!" That was a lie. He had called Debbie to have sushi. He was curious about what was going on between Carlos and Debbie.

To his utter surprise, before he could ask her anything about their relationship, Carlos had called Debbie right at that moment.

He wondered if Carlos would believe his blatant lie. The man just glanced at him and remained silent.

Debbie was surprised that Carlos had found her so quickly. She looked at the haughty man, who was now drinking her juice, and queried, "Niles told you, didn't he?" It was the only possibility she could think of.

A waiter came along with a menu card and handed it to Carlos. He ordered a few dishes and said, "He dropped by." He didn't deny it.

"Yeah, right. What a coincidence!" Debbie observed sarcastically. Niles had seen them together earlier. When she and Kinsley had just gotten out of their cars in front of the sushi shop, Niles, who was waiting at the traffic signal at that time, happened to see them.

He waved to them and shouted, "What are you guys doing?"

Debbie had answered with a stony face, "Da

appease him. He didn't care.

That evening, Debbie was invited to a celebration dinner for the completion of a movie. She looked perky and innocent in her green flowy dress.

Her bodyguard secretly took a picture of her and sent it to Carlos. When he saw that, Carlos dropped whatever he was doing and asked Frankie to drive him to the hotel where the dinner was taking place.

The dinner wasn't over until past nine o'clock. Debbie had her arm around a male co-worker's as she walked out of the hotel. The man saw Carlos' car and let go of Debbie frantically. "Gotta go." With that, he ran away.

'Huh?' Debbie didn't realize what was going on until she saw Carlos step out of the car.

Under the public gazes, he walked towards her with a tender smile, put his arm around her and led her to his car.

Inside the car

Carlos pressed his body against hers and lifted her chin to make her look directly into his cold eyes. "Can't you just stay the hell away from other men?" he asked grimly.

Debbie wasn't afraid of him. She retorted, "Mr. Huo, what am I to you? Why are you meddling with my life?"

Carlos said through gritted teeth, "Let's get remarried right now!"

"It's late. The Civil Affairs Bureau is closed now."

"It'll be open if I want it to be open!"

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