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   Chapter 475 Debbie Went On A Date

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Carlos' decision was to be expected. Glenda was an outsider and an enemy to him. He wouldn't upset Debbie for her.

Debbie knew what Glenda did to her at the cafe the other day wasn't serious enough to get her locked up for a long time. So several days after Glenda was sent to prison, Debbie compromised with her. She agreed to withdraw the charges on condition that Glenda apologized to her in person.

Left with no other choice, Glenda conceded.

One week in prison had dramatically changed Glenda's appearance. When she walked out of her cell, there was no way of telling that she was a first-class lady. Her long curls tumbled over her shoulders in a tangled mess. Her clothes were dirty, and her face was smudged. She looked ten years older than she was.

When Stephanie saw her mother in that state of disarray, she vowed to herself that she would turn Debbie's life into a living hell.

As Stephanie and Glenda walked toward the entrance of the police station, they noticed Debbie watching them with a proud and cold demeanor. She was leaning against a ten-million-dollar stretch limousine, custom-made by the ZL Group exclusively for ladies only.

Stephanie shot her a venomous look. It reminded Debbie of James. 'Like father like daughter, ' thought Debbie to herself.

The sun shone brightly, and the day was pleasantly warm. Debbie was in a pretty good mood. "Glenda, jail time must have been tough," she said, rubbing salt into her wounds.

Hearing her deliberate provocation, Glenda lifted her head abruptly and glared at Debbie. She wished that she could pounce on her and snap her neck like a twig.

"You bi—" She managed to keep her anger in check before the word "bitch" flew from her lips. Taking a deep breath to compose herself, she asked, "You want my apology? No problem. Leave Carlos!"

Debbie scoffed, "What makes you think that you could ask me to do that? What are you to Carlos?"

"If it weren't for you, I would be his mother-in-law!" Glenda asserted. 'This bitch destroyed my daughter's happiness.

James and I have worked hard fo

the ZL Group had made, and she looked ravishing. The point is, she was with a gorgeous guy!"

"What makes you think she was on a date?" Carlos put the lid back on his pen. He couldn't focus on his work anymore.

"She told me so,"

Niles replied. Carlos stood up, grabbed his coat, and darted toward the door. "Where?"

"Where what? Oh, they were at the sushi shop diagonally opposite this building."

'A date at a sushi shop?' Without further ado, Carlos walked out of his office. He called Debbie before he got in the elevator.

When Debbie answered his call, his brows unknitted. "Honey, what are you doing?" he asked gently. The sightseeing elevator arrived. Carlos stepped in and scanned the scenery outside.

"I'm eating sushi." She was telling the truth.

Her reply collaborated with the location Niles had said. Carlos pinched his forehead and said, "Honey—"

"Don't call me that!" Debbie interrupted him coldly.

Carlos didn't get mad. Instead, he chuckled, "No matter what you do, I won't give up on you." Giving up wasn't in his nature.

For a moment, Debbie didn't know what to say. The man sitting opposite her was enjoying his food. Looking at him, Debbie replied in a cold tone, "What do I care?"

Since the place they were in was close by, Carlos didn't drive his car. After getting out of the elevator, he strode straight toward the sushi shop.

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