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   Chapter 474 Jailed

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"Yes, Mr. Huo," Tristan remarked.

Damon was desperate. "Damn you, Carlos! How could you do this to me? Come back!" he denounced.

But as soon as Carlos left the room, those women surrounded Damon. "Mr. Han, I've heard so much about you. You're indeed a handsome man."

"Mr. Han, I'm Mitzi. I'll take good care of you."

Damon raged, "Take good care of my ass!"

Mitzi was dazed for two seconds. Then she articulated with a goofy smile, "Of course, I'll take good care of that as well, Mr. Han."

Damon was rendered speechless.

On the sixth floor of Building two of Champs Bay Apartments

Stephanie was sitting on the living room couch, smoking, as she watched the news on TV. The reporter was saying, "Not very long ago, our correspondent informed that Mr. Huo, Debbie Nian and their daughter were seen outside his villa and they went inside together. It looks like the rumors are true..."

"Oh, shut up!" Stephanie turned off the TV angrily. She put out the cigarette and ruffled her messy hair restlessly. Carlos had regained his memory! It was not a part of their plan. Dr. Zhu had told them that there was no way Carlos would regain his memory, not as long as they didn't miss the regular injections. 'Liar! They're all liars!'

Furious, she smashed the lighter against the tea table.

Debbie had used a fake marriage license to set up James, but Stephanie got screwed over too. Now, both her and James' reputations were ruined, all thanks to Debbie.

Hate gnawed at her as she thought of what Debbie had done to her.

Just then, her phone rang. "What?" Stephanie asked impatiently when she saw the caller ID.

Angus Li, her father, sighed from the other end of the line. "Stephanie, your mom has been arrested. You're in Y City, aren't you? Head to the police station right away. I'm on my way there," he said in a rush.

Stephanie's eyes widened in shock. "Arrested? For what?" She abruptly stood up from the couch.

"The police who called me said that she was sued for slander, assault and attempted murder."

"Attempted murder?!" Stephanie raised her voice at the absurd accusation. "That's ridiculous!" Glenda was too much of a coward to do so

ld have known he had gotten his memory back.

From his message, Carlos could tell that James was still pretending to not know that he remembered everything; he was trying to maximize the benefit of his identity as Carlos' father.

Frankie replied, "On the surface, it might look like he's doing nothing unusual. But he has been secretly transferring his assets overseas. Some of them have been transferred into Glenda's relatives' names."

'Transferring assets?' Carlos lit a cigarette and observed sarcastically, "He has cheated many people off their wealth. Isn't he worried that it might break his arms?"

The bribes James had taken from many and the money he had embezzled had reached billions of dollars, which was enough for him to squander for the rest of his pitiful life.

"Glenda has filed for a divorce. She must have done it to be with James. Mr. Huo, what should we do next?"

Carlos fell silent. He was thinking about Angus Li.

Glenda was evil, but Angus was an honest and decent man. He had never done harm to anybody. Despite suspecting that his wife was having an affair, he had been pretending to be ignorant of it for so many years, all for their children's sake. That was the only reason why the Li family had always been so peaceful in the past.

"We won't interfere in their marriage. Glenda's bail issues are not up to me." With that, Carlos picked up the file on the table. He was ready to set off to meet a client.

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