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   Chapter 472 I Owe Her An Apology

Take My Breath Away By Ophelia Characters: 7963

Updated: 2019-09-12 00:46

Debbie slumped back lazily on the sofa as she watched the news. What Carlos was saying made her tense. She sat up abruptly and focused her full attention on the screen and hung on his every word. He stood there, dashing as ever.

There were no tears on his face, nor did he look sad. However, his words touched every listener. "I lost my memory and oppressed Debbie. Heartbroken, she finally gave up on me and left. During her absence, I was miserable and started reflecting on my acts. I'm not proud of what I did, and I regret every bit of it. Even though I want my ex-wife back, I have never cheated on Miss Li, because she was never my girlfriend. After I had lost my memory, she worked with someone else on a scheme against me, posing to be my girlfriend. This was only her role in the sch

put on a wedding gown for another man and how he carried her into the wedding car himself. He even walked her down the aisle and handed her over to another man.

When he recalled all of that, it hurt him so much. However, it turned out that it was all just one of her tricks. She pulled it off so well that everyone had been convinced. Carlos had to applaud her, though his heart ached. As for Ivan, Carlos hated him so much that he wanted to kill him.

"You didn't love me. What did it matter whom I married?" she asked in an innocent tone.

Carlos pinched his forehead in frustration and explained, "You should have understood me given the circumstances."

"Well, too bad! I didn't!"

she retorted bluntly. "Fine. Let's drop that. Why did you tell me that you had sex with Ivan?"

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