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   Chapter 471 Nice

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What made Debbie uncomfortable was that Carlos was rather calm this time.

He didn't call her, nor did he deal with the news posts online. Previously, whenever she was trending online, he would do damage control by deleting the comments and news posts. But this time, he did nothing.

After the topic had spread like wildfire for five hours, one of the "victims" finally gave an interview—Stephanie. The reporters had many questions.

"Miss Li, what do you think about Mr. Huo and his ex-wife falling in love again?"

"Miss Li, why did you choose to be with Mr. Huo in the first place? Do you love him?"

"Miss Li, I heard that Mr. Huo broke off your engagement. Is that true? Did he do it to get back with Debbie Nian?"

The reporters bombarded Stephanie with questions. She could hardly answer one before another question was headed her way.

Stephanie's eyes were red and swollen, like she'd been crying hard before the interview. She still managed to smile politely for the cameras. "Carlos and I love each other very much. Don't believe everything you hear. And I can understand why she'd be hugging my fiance. She can't bear to move on. He's a good man. Anyway, Miss Nian and Mr. Wen are about to hold their wedding ceremony soon. I think congratulations are in order. And don't mention these rumors around them. That would be quite rude."

"Wow! Miss Li, you're such a wonderful woman."

"I'm impressed, Miss Li. You're the only one good enough for Mr. Huo."

Stephanie's smile grew wider at the reporters' compliments. They were positively sycophantic, falling all over themselves to fawn over her. And why not? She presented an elegant figure.

Another reporter chimed in, "I heard that the rumors were leaked by your assistant, Miss Li. Is that true? Did your assistant post this stuff online?"

"What? Miss Li's assistant? Did you start these rumors to get back at Debbie Nian?"


Weibo and play along. Bye!" Then she hung up immediately.

What happened next was beyond belief.

Carlos consented to an interview to clear up the rumors. He held it in one of ZL Group's many conference rooms. He projected a dapper and gallant appearance, in a custom-designed black suit, a black shirt, and a silver tie. Rounding out the outfit was a pair of luxury shoes.

With no PR team or a draft for his speech, Carlos started with a serious expression on his face, "I broke up with Stephanie Li for several reasons. The most important reason is that I'm still in love with my ex-wife, Debbie Nian. I had amnesia from that car accident three years ago. But l couldn't help falling in love with her again. She is sincere and caring, and the only one I love. Even though I don't remember her, she's been trying her damnedest to bring back the love we had. I'm greatly moved by what she's done for me. Three years ago, someone made up vicious rumors about her. She was cyber-bullied by so many people for something she didn't do. She was even forced to leave Y City while pregnant. She gave birth to our daughter in a foreign country and raised her all alone. She'd been waiting for me the whole time. Maybe I'd been waiting for her too, but I didn't realize it then."

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