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   Chapter 470 Talk Of The Town

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Glenda's face twitched when she heard what Debbie said. "You're just after his money, aren't you? Tell you what, I'll give you ten million. Take your bastard child and leave Mr. Huo."

"Ten million?" Debbie sneered. "At least you're not as stingy as your daughter. She offered me five."

Glenda cast her a disdainful look. "Like the idea? Then fine, take the money and get your ass out of the country. I won't even say a word about the coffee you poured on me."

Debbie didn't have the time for games. 'If I ever had any doubts, they're gone. James, Glenda and Stephanie are definitely family. All arrogant and shockingly open about their cruelty. But neither mother nor daughter is as cunning as James.' "Like mother, like daughter. You've cheated on your husband for so many years. Your daughter stole my husband while his memories were gone. And you both think money can buy everything. Five million? Ten million? Come on! You can do better than that."

Debbie stood up from her seat and added, "Lady—and I use the term loosely—I'll give you fifty million. Take your bitch of a daughter and get out of my sight."

Glenda couldn't keep her cool anymore. She stood up and raised her hand, about to slap Debbie.

Debbie, however, caught her wrist with her left hand and slapped her in the face with the right. Smack!

"Argh!" Glenda screamed at the top of her lungs.

There were not many guests at the cafe—only two young girls, likely students, were sitting at another table. Not wanting any part of this, they immediately picked up their backpacks and went to the cashier's desk to pay. They left in a hurry.

Debbie shook her hand and said impatiently, "Don't call me. Ever. I'm busy, and I don't have time for your drama."

Glenda's face was already red and swollen from the force of Debbie's slap. Her tears fell as she yelled, "You bitch! Guards!"

The bodyguards, who had been standing by the gate all this time, ran towards her. "Mrs. Li."

Glenda raised her hand and pointed at Deb

okie. Even my bodyguards failed me. Stephanie, be careful if you deal with her," Glenda said through gritted teeth.

'Seriously? She hit my mom!' Angry could be seen in her beautiful eyes. "Mom, I have to go. Don't worry. She'll pay for what she did today."

Stephanie called her assistant over and told her, "Post these photos online!"

"Yes, Miss Li."

That evening, the pictures went viral, and Debbie's name was trending high on social media.

Almost everyone in the city saw the photo of her and Ivan's marriage certificate. The news said they had secretly been married for some time.

Of course, this made her look like a liar. She had said publicly, in her concert, that she and Ivan were just friends.

What was more, someone even snapped a photo of Debbie trying on a wedding dress. People speculated about whether they were holding a wedding ceremony soon.

The important part was that someone released photos of Debbie and Carlos hugging each other on the beach while on vacation. Rumor had it that Debbie had dated two men at the same time.

Carlos had gotten engaged to Stephanie. So many people cursed Debbie angrily online saying, "I feel bad for her husband and Stephanie. Debbie Nian is such a bitch!"

Debbie was not affected by the news at all. She even asked her PR team to make the news go viral.

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