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   Chapter 468 A Wedding Invitation

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Carlos wore a broad smile as Valerie made comments on Evelyn. 'No matter who she resembles in character, I will love her forever, ' he thought.

After a while, Valerie gave his phone back and said, "Please bring her here to visit me if you have time. I don't know how much longer I will live."

"Grandma, don't say that! Debbie and I will have another baby and you will have to take care of it for us," Carlos said with a soft smile. He gazed at the photo on his phone for a while before locking it and putting it back into his pocket.

"She's pregnant again?" Valerie asked, eyes wide open.

Carlos shook his head. "Not yet, but it won't be long before she is."

Valerie was a little disappointed, but she still had Evelyn. "If you are too busy, just send her here. I'll take care of her myself."

Carlos stood up, poured a cup of tea for her and said with a sigh, "Grandma, I'm afraid I can't bring her over now."

"Why?" Valerie asked in confusion as she took the cup from his hands. "What happened?"

Carlos paused, wondering what he should address Miranda as. "Mom has been delegating her duties in New York. She will be flying to Y City next week to take care of Evelyn."

It took Valerie a few seconds to realize that Carlos was referring to Miranda, and not Tabitha. She comforted him, "Carlos, it was me who had forced Miranda to give you up to James and Tabitha. Please don't blame her for that. Be nice to her and your dad."

Carlos nodded his head as he stared out the window absent-mindedly.

Before he and Tristan left the Huo family's house, Carlos promised Valerie that he would stay overnight at her place.

He was incredibly busy. After visiting Valerie, he had to go and meet Stephanie's parents.

In Y City

It had been four days since Carlos had left for New York. Debbie stared dejectedly out the window. Not too far away, workers were working. That place used to be a villa which her music studio and yoga room were in, but then James had it demolished and planted a garden instead. Now Carlos hired these workers to build a new villa there.

Debbie turned away from the construction site. 'Ugh! This is so boring, '

she thought and pulled out her phone to c

a mall, and she heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the crowd around her. No one could attack her at a public place like that. "Don't you try to scare me! It's useless. Wait! The murderer hasn't been caught yet. Are you saying that you were the one who killed her?"

Debbie laughed at her response. "Mrs. Li, congratulations. You've successfully attracted my attention. Let's meet. When and where?"

"I'm at the Shining International Plaza now. You can come over right away," Glenda said.

Debbie, however, simply said, "Oh, I'm sorry, Mrs. Li. I'm quite busy at the moment. Maybe another time."

Glenda was so angry that her hands started quivering and her knuckles went pale.

Before Glenda could respond, Debbie hung up on her. Unconvinced, Glenda continued to call her, but Debbie didn't bother to answer.

She looked at the many missed calls on her phone screen. 'Who does she think she is?

Why should I waste my time on her?' Debbie thought to herself.

At ZL Group

The moment Carlos arrived in Y City, he went straight to his office.

Frankie stood before the desk, giving his report. After that, he put an envelope on the table and said, "Mr. Huo, the letter is from Mr. Wen. I didn't open it."

Carlos cast a sideways glance at it and said coldly, "Open it."

"Yes, Mr. Huo." Frankie opened the envelope swiftly.

He was stunned for a moment, and then looked up at Carlos. "Mr. Huo, it's a wedding invitation." He unfolded it slowly.

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