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   Chapter 467 Divorce Papers

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"Carlos, Lewis came to visit me. His life sucks. Will you please help him out?" Tabitha asked with a hopeful expression.

Carlos simply nodded, a dash of sarcasm flashing in his eyes.

"Thank you, Carlos. I really appreciate that."

"You're too polite." He then gestured to Tristan, who was standing close by. Tristan immediately opened his briefcase and pulled out a stack of papers.

Carlos grabbed them and passed them to Tabitha without sparing a single glance at them. "Divorce papers. Sign them."

Tabitha's face paled and she seemed to lose her composure and focus. She became visibly frail. The old woman shook her head violently and murmured, "No, not that. Lewis will get hurt."

'Lewis again... All she cares about is her own son, ' Tristan thought.

"Listen to me. He cheated on you. Not long after you gave birth to Lewis, Glenda gave birth to his daughter, Stephanie. He also lied about saving your life back then. All he wanted was your family's power and wealth," Carlos said in a calm voice, yet Tabitha went berserk when she heard what he said.

"NO! That's not true! James saved me. You're lying! Did Miranda put you up to this? Or was it Glenda?"

However, everything he said was true. Although these things had happened many years ago, Carlos' people still managed to dredge up the truth.

The reason why James married Tabitha was that her family was one of the power elite in the city back in the day. They were quite influential, and wealthy to boot. James had set his sights on all that, and wooed her until she agreed to marry him. Actually, James was not Valerie's son. He wanted even more power and resources to strengthen his position within the Huo family.

When she was younger, Tabitha liked to travel. At one point, her affinity for foreign countries proved to be her undoing. Emerging from a restaurant after sampling the local cuisine, she rounded a corner, straight into the arms of thugs who intended to rob her and worse. A man showed up, and through a combination of skill, speed, and brains, managed to save her from these hoodlums. They were savage, yet he was brainy. But she didn't know who her savior was. It was too dark to see his face.

She searched for him for several

me, Grandma. No more medicines." After a while, he added, "But I still need regular injections."

Valerie nodded and asked, "How are you and Stephanie?"

"I broke it off." He didn't explain the reasons behind it to his grandma.

Valerie sighed helplessly. "You and Debbie back together?" she asked.

Carlos' expression remained the same. "She's my ex. I plan to fix that," he said.

Valerie shook her head. "Whatever. I'm too old to get involved. So when am I gonna see some great-grandkids? Otherwise, I can't die in peace."

His face softened when he thought of the little girl. "Grandma, Debbie gave birth to my daughter three years ago. Her name is Evelyn." Her eyes glittered with joy. As she was about to ask something, he added, "She's an adorable girl. She looks like Debbie, but she acts like me."

"Why didn't you bring her along? I'd love to see her," Valerie complained, pouting her lips.

Carlos pulled out his phone from his pocket, found the album he made with Evelyn's photos and gave it to Valerie.

Valerie put on her presbyopic glasses and began to study the pictures carefully. When she saw the first one, she murmured, "Such a pretty girl! She does look like Debbie. But that expression is so you. Look at her eyes! She is rather cute in this one. This one, look! She looks exactly like your mom. Maybe she'll be like Miranda after she's grown. Cold, aloof... Well, maybe not. Debbie's upbeat and cheerful. Maybe she'll turn out more like that..."

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