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   Chapter 463 Emmett, I'm Sorry

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Kasie didn't utter another word on their way to the cemetery.

She was immersed in her own thoughts, wondering if Emmett would blame her for marrying another man. But she was happy, and she had to tell him.

On arriving at the parking lot, Ivan braked and slowly came to a stop. He came around to the passenger side, and helped Kasie out of the car. Together, they opened the trunk to grab the bouquet of chrysanthemum. He already had it arranged and tied.

The tranquil cemetery was located on a hillside in the suburbs. It was a beautiful place—stunning scenery, fresh air. And few people would come at this hour.

Kasie's heart pounded faster with each step they took. Each step brought them closer to Emmett's grave. Suddenly, she grabbed hold of Ivan's hand and stood still, reluctant to take one more step. In a sad voice, she asked, "What if he gets mad?"

Ivan put his hands on her shoulders, leaned in, and gently kissed her forehead. "I don't think so. He'll be so glad to see you happy."

She nodded lightly, took a deep breath and continued walking forward.

On the third gravesite of the third row

A tall man in a black suit jacket stood solemnly in front of Emmett's gravestone.

His eyes were red as memories of the past flooded his mind. "Emmett, old friend...I haven't been here in awhile. I'm sorry. I haven't been...myself. I'll come more often and we'll share a glass or three." He took the bottle he held and poured a glass. He stared at it for a bit, and finally downed it. "They told me things," he continued in a hoarse voice. "They told me about the accident, how the truck driver was exhausted, and it was one big fluke. We both know that's bullshit. Rest in peace, Emmett. I'll find the truth and take revenge for you!"

Carlos squatted down in front of the gravestone. He poured some of the limited edition liquor out at the graveside, as if pouring a glass for Emmett. "I didn't do right by Debbie, either, if that helps any. I promise I'll take better care of both of you. I hope that you have a better time in the other world than you had here..."

A gust of fresh wind blew just then, the fragrance of liquor mingled in the air. He stared at Emmett's black and white picture—he was still the same young, handsome and jolly guy.

Carlos had stayed there for an hour before he finally left.

Five minutes after he left, Ivan and Kasie reached Emmett's grave.

They both were surprised when they saw a bouquet of flowers on the grave. The faint smell of the liquor told them that someone had been h

ally met Ivan's parents. But she felt quite sorry because her eyes were still red from weeping.

Reading her mind, Ivan shook his head and whispered in her ear, "It's okay. My parents won't mind. I'll explain to them later."

Elsie held Kasie's hands tightly, afraid that this would be another lie from her son. "I won't be happy if I can't see you two sign your names on the license. I can't believe we got fooled like that. Please understand—I don't want that to happen again." She turned to Kasie's mom and added, "Mrs. Zheng, please take out your household registry. Check it out, I've brought ours too. Our family has its origins in this city. When we go to the Civil Affairs Department, I'll go along with our household registry books."

Mason and Mia were really happy that their daughter had gotten over Emmett's death. She finally opened her heart to another man. Ivan seemed like a great guy too. So, without hesitation, Mia went upstairs to grab their household registry book.

Ivan and Kasie managed to get to the Civil Affairs Department before they closed. They registered their marriage and officially got their marriage licenses, under Elsie's watchful eyes.

Seeing their licenses, Elsie was even happier than the couple. She held Kasie's hand and said excitedly, "Ivan likes things quiet, but I won't listen to him this time. We're going to have an amazing ceremony, with all our relatives and friends there to bless you two!"

Embarrassed, Ivan touched his nose and explained in a low voice, "Mom, the wedding last time was just for show, so I kept it low-key. But this marriage is a real one, so of course I'll let the whole world know that Kasie and I tied the knot."

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