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   Chapter 462 I Think You Know

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Ivan took a look at the woman under him and said over the phone, "You sure you want me to go back home now? Come on, Mom. You want a grandchild, right— Ouch!" A pinch from Kasie made him end his sentence prematurely. He started massaging the area she cruelly manhandled.

Blushing a shade of bright red, she shot him an angry glare and then buried her face in the pillow, embarrassed.

"What? A grandchild? With whom?" Elsie softened her voice.

To save him from more drama, Ivan patiently explained, "Mom, the marriage was a sham. Debbie and I aren't married. Sorry for lying to you. And I don't love men. I love Debbie's best friend, and I wanna marry her. We're getting married here, so you and Dad will need to get tickets."

" t


"Already thought of."

"Hmm. That's good."

After chatting a while longer with Ivan, Debbie dragged herself out of bed. She plodded towards the bathroom, legs trembling.

In Ivan's apartment, after ending the call with Debbie, he waited until Kasie woke up. They had lunch together in his apartment and shared some more intimate moments. In the afternoon, before his parents arrived, Ivan got in the car and asked Kasie to get in, too. He rebuffed all her questions about where they were going.

Kasie's face changed as she looked out the window, watching the scenery fly by. She turned to look at Ivan and asked hesitantly, "Where are we going?"

Ivan patted her hand to comfort her. "I think you know."

Kasie fell silent.

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