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   Chapter 460 Ivan Loves Men

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"Old man... Mr. Handsome, are you okay? Why are you staring at me that way?" Debbie noticed the ocean of mixed emotions in Carlos' eyes and the complicated look on his face. She felt anxious, and her heart pounded hard in her chest.

Carlos kept gazing at her and still said nothing.

All he wanted to do was quietly admire her, hug her, feel her warmth, and kiss her.

That was just what he did. He embraced Debbie, holding her tightly to him and began kissing her tenderly. The kiss was soft, full of love and affection, unlike his usual imperious and hungry kisses. Debbie was taken aback by his show of affection and gentleness.

After the unexpected kiss, Debbie was left breathless. She swallowed nervously and stammered, "Have...have you done anything wrong to me?"

Carlos gazed at her and smiled. He stroked the strand of hair near her ear an

idn't feel right for her to spend the night at Ivan's house before they got divorced.

Ivan pressed the elevator button. "Relax. Do you know what Debbie is doing now?"

Kasie thought for a second and replied, "She and Mr. Huo should be coaxing Piggy to sleep now."

Checking the time on his wristwatch, Ivan shook his head. "It's past eleven now. Piggy would have been in bed much earlier."

In an instant, Kasie realized what Ivan was hinting at. But she still tried to defend Debbie and said thoughtfully, "No. Debbie told me that Mr. Huo wouldn't bug her for sex until she divorces you. Debbie won't betray your marriage."

Ivan was amused. He wanted to laugh at how naive Kasie and Debbie both were. "Yes, what Debbie told you is right, but that was only relevant before tonight. Now there's no telling if Carlos will keep his promise or not."

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